Does this (blank) make me look “Fat”…? This is a somewhat common statement made by Women concerning clothing that either is newly purchased or hasn’t been warn in a while.I often encourage my friends to avoid this situation if possible, What is unfortunate and sad at the same time is I believe that it’s a setup. Oops, that came out wrong or judgmental to suggest that a Woman would attempt to put her Man in a lose/lose situation.But as a husband. Sometimes, that’s what it feels like because we can get in trouble for the weirdest reasons and then there’s the silence and when we ask what’s wrong. And the response is ” Nothing” …Ok, there are a few rules to the game to insure that you come out on top.1) If at all possible, ask her to repeat herself. a) I know that this sounds crazy. But,trust me,you’ll need a minute.2.)Her comeback may be lethal. “You heard me” b.)Trust me you need a minute. “Gather yourself take a deep breath “She should not hear you”…3.) There are a lot of ways that this situation go bad, real bad, really quicky. c.) Be kind,be considerate and be her “Hero” d.) Ask her “how does it feels and make her feel” e.) Finally. Ask her “what are her other options”Now “Ladies” you are not off the hook…This is actually a Mars/Venus moment. a.) Men do not get it. I mean it…”Clueless” b.) You think (The) day and Men think (A) day Remember Mar/Venus.John Gray In Chapter 2: Mr Fix-It and the Home Improvement CommitteeMen love to have their abilities recognised and appreciated, and hate to have them scorned or ignored; women love to have their feelings recognised and appreciated, and hate to have them scorned or ignored. Men don’t rate feelings highly as in their view they can result in hotly impassioned, wildly unstable behaviour; women don’t rate abilities highly as in their view they can result in coldly dispassionate, aggressively competitive behaviour.So basically we both have some work to do to make our relationships work and no one get out unscathed. The idea is that if we remember that couples only succeed when they are “Committed” Not love,money or Children. Love fades,Money problems/challenges exist and Children move away or don’t move away. However, Commitment is a very powerful thing. No matter what takes place “We have agreed to be together” Wow, “Thank me later”…

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