I am a figment of my imagination

not designed as an eye catching quote but rather a proclamation, mantra or even in my case a matter of fact.

Wow that was an earful you see even as a young boy I had a busy mind and one thing that I noticed then but only am understanding now is that”I liked people watching” not only did I watch them,I also created life scenarios for each of them. Kinda creepy huh? But it is what I did,

I also (as a child) had a great imagination and being a child of a single Mom all (4) of us battling for Moms attention the oldest being a girl well you can pretty much figure ( in those days it wasn’t “Cool” or encouraged to be a “Mamas Boy”…

I however was the oldest boy and with a name like “Arnold” you may imagine some of what my life must have been like.
For example there was “Arnold Ziffle” on the T.V. Show Green Acres, and the 70’s Show “Welcome back, Kotter” “Arnold Horshack”…Each were “stellar” characters so what was I worried about going to school.

Well, what if I told you that I hated school and at the same time I loved learning.. for starters I create an imaginary since of being unaffected by the taunts and what we called “Signifying” and ever so often I’d “clap back”.

In the 8th I had a teacher “Mr. Jones” he was a very “Cool” and “Layed back” guy and he also had the command of his class so I was in pretty good shape.
(remember I’m designing my personality) being the oldest and no father in the home in the 60’s and 70’s wasn’t as big of a deal as it is these days “Men” were different. It was around this time that I became interested in bodybuilding and found the I was pretty good and heck I could do more chin-ups, push-ups and sit-ups than anyone and of course this was a nice add,

Heck, or jolt to the “Arnold” brand. In the years that followed I took up Karate and found that I was pretty good at it as welI. weapons were of interest to me and I found that “Nunchucks would be my favorites.
I yet have (6) pair and never leave home without it and guess what.

“More value places on the Arnold brand” I had very few fights and became a hero to my younger brothers of course (another add) there are so many stories that I could tell of my life and all are fantastic and true however the one thing that I feel most important is the fact of imagination (My Imagination) and the power that it gave me to sculpt the Man that was to become and the role that I play in the lives of young Men and Women in the future.

I say it this way “My Fathers Absence Produced My Presence ” “So That With The Mouth That I Chose To Curse Him I Bless Him”…

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