“The Plan”

Sometimes it’s easy enough to decide what we want to do in life and then come the. “I want to be famous” Or, I want to be an Entrepreneur” that is such a cool word, It”s such a cool word “Entrepreneurialism” is code for “Doing my own thing.

I just don’t know what my thing is yet”

I  guess and when you and I think about it may be considered “Attainable” and even in some ways easy. What is however the toughest part may be. “The How” and you can’t forget about “The What” because the what is what this story is all about.

We say and think,” in the words of Rap artist Drake “I just wanna be successful’ No plan ,no blueprint and ‘No How’ we have dreams and goals of a life that, we may only see on the “TELEVISION” by way of “Programming” I have a Youtube channel “In my car with my cigar” called Television “Tell-A-Vision” it is programming you and telling you how to see.

when we look at the “Evening News” the last thing on our minds is that the offenders get younger and younger,dumber and dumber. “Did she/He think this situation through? Their life is over “What were they thinking?” they were thinking “I want to be famous” “I want to (Blow UP)” “Everybody is gonna know my name”… You see, we hear it all the time “She has potential” or “He is gifted” these are directionless words like “Visionary’ now it isn’t my intention to discourage you or anyone for that matter.My intention is to help you see (Vision)

1.) A dream without a plan, is a “Wish”…

2.) A plan without a destination will blow your chances of arrival.

It is just like a saying that you may have heard in life. “Garbage in,Garbage out” We must turn off all programming and tune in to our plan and create a roadmap for us as, well as our children. Otherwise there will be no hope. we are being programmed with graphic images to the point that we lack the empathy/Sympathy that is take to make us (Humane/Human).Our stress level is up and down intentionally to put in a state of “normalizing”retaliation (Snapping)

We are weeping uncontrollably as we see animals being abused, and at the same time grabbing our cellphones to film a Woman in a brutal attack. We lack “Civility” “Empathy’ and “Compassion” and that’s “The Plan’ How do we create a plan and a counter plan?

3.) We need to identify the program and as well as deactivate it’s access to our mind.

4.) It will absolutely be difficult because the program has “Suggestion” that are linked to your cellular phone at offer “suggested” programming for you to watch.

5.) Even your reading selection will offer ” Others have also read” they have total access, just watch the advertisements on your “Social Media Account”

The Plan will be difficult and if you want your mind back you will have to disconnect from Television,Radio and SocialMedia for a bit… Don’t panic, only a week.

Start with the T.V. and once you began to understand the ” Program” then work on your Social Media accounts.

the last thing that i would like to leave with you is you must journal, if you have been take the time to see when and where the shift took place ” when you lost yourself” and if you do not journal. Take a trip back through your social media accounts or speak to family they don’t have a problem “telling you that you are nuts”

Sadly most of us have no idea of the things that I am talking about, and of that i say you’re thinking “I AM NUTS”…

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