Black Lies Matter



a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

synonyms: prevarication, falsification.

antonyms: truth.

something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture:

His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

There are many “Intentional Untruths” that are told over and over that have become a part of what is perceived and eventually believed.
There are many “Falsifications” that have and yet exist, about the “Original People” their beginning,their investment and their worth.
There are several outright lies that have and will pervade and provoke thoughts in society not only of the “Original People” but “All People” because of ignorance.

[ig-ner-uh ns]


the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

HipHop Artist KRS-1 said it best “When one doesn’t know about another one Culture, Ignorance swoops down like a Vulture”

I however remain aware of the disturbing storIes that fill television, radio and the internet. Stories of violence against a people that only represent 13.2% of Americas population.
What is also interesting is that we are all guilty of “Repeating and Believing” falsehoods and untruths about any number of people. This, however won’t ever end because that is the way that it is with gossip. Which is another way of saying ” I am, and Society is too lazy to commit to change”
What’s more the pipeline and it’s information stream is so convincing that, we take it as it is. Like they say “All stereotypes have a hint of truth” or so goes the adage.
What is worse or at least should appear to be Is, the myths and fables that are told by people or a group that has either been victimized in society which includes ” Everyone gets a turn to become the object of Bias, Stereotypes, and false judgment…
Or at least that is the way that it appears to many. But what if the idea of “Victim” is merely a Ruse,a trick or excuse that a people uses to avoid “Pulling themselves up by their bootstraps”

What if it is another chance for the once “Oppressed,downtrodden” to be heard and well “Isn’t it About Damn Time”
There are many stories Police brutality as well as The Shooting of unarmed victims.The Media did a decent job of telling the story and even today we as a American citizens do not know how to respond/react…

The Original People’s talk about the “Skittles and Iced tea” and we all agree with that. There was an armed community Security officer that observed a Black youth and felt that this young man looked ”Suspicious”and that is where “Our agreeing ends”
As this story continued there are several accounts that have young Trayvon Martin behaving in a manner that would suggest “aggressive” however some debate “Aggravated” at the “ Neighborhood Watch” person. Regardless to which side of the story you find yourself One thing for certain. “ In this sad game”of He said,She said.

1.) Someone had a gun.

2.) Someone knew the rules.

3.) Dead men tell no tells.

4.) He (Trayvon) would not live.

It isn’t all doom and gloom even though there are some measurable differences in the way the world in turning there are ideas of what should occur to create balance.

Oh it was at this point that a new slogan was formed “Black Lives Matter”and it produced a series of unity base dialogue. I however being a part of the “Original People ” observed a few falsehoods, Lies, and untruths that appeared to be counter productive to their “Evolution ”

And as the idea of Parents is not where it was 20 years ago, the Youth have become lost. They have form their own religion (No religion) the have their own laws, and with the peer to peer connections of gangs even those that aren’t in a gang “Pretend are are”

Oh, there was the subject of parents. Usually just a Mother and sometimes a Foster Mom or Grandmother.

These young Men and in some cases young ladies have taken over the homes and now the Adult “Adopted ” their “Language ”

This has infected and in most cases created “Role reversal ” A.L.M…

Lie 1.) The “Hater”

The hater is a common term used to discribe a person or group that:

a.) call you out,when you failing yourself or your community.

b.) attempts at guiding you to social and civic accountability.

c.)reports your missteps, in an attempt to redirect your false identity in order to redirect you.

Lie 2.) Hitting a “Stain”

a.) Taking advantage of someone by manipulating them.

b.) theft of someone’s property.

c.)this property may include Cell Phone, Clothing or Credit Cards.

Lie 3.) “Snitches get stitches”

a.)Tell Police or pretty much anyone about crime or any other bad deeds by “Bad people” The irony of this statement is that “Everyone ” Tells, Reports and informs just don’t get caught…

Lie 4.) Black and Brown “Don’t have a chance”

a.)While in our (Black and Brown) communities see considerable “Crime and Violence” it is a victim of its our circumstances.

b.) The victim statement remains predictable. Us killing Us and them killing them.

c.) The Lie is the same whether in Spanish or English. “We don’t have a chance”.

There are too many “Lies” and though I have mentioned the main ones. “All Lies Matters”
And once they are believed they effect the philosophy and psychology.
A Study of Positive and Negative Effects

Noelle M. Hurd, Marc A. Zimmerman, Thomas M. Reischl, …

First Published March 26, 2010 Research Article

PDF download for Role Model Behavior and Youth Violence: A Study of Positive and Negative Effects Article Information

No Access


The study investigated how role models’ behavior may positively or negatively influence African American early adolescents’ attitudes toward violence and violent behavior. Participants in this study included 331 African American seventh and eighth graders from low-income neighborhoods in an urban, Midwestern city. The study used a model developed and tested to assess the relationships between role model prosocial behavior, role model antisocial behavior, adolescents’ attitudes toward violence, and adolescents’ violent behavior. The model developed was assessed using structural equation modeling. Results revealed the following: (a) Role model prosocial behavior is indirectly related to less violent behavior through adolescents’ attitudes toward violence, (b) role model antisocial behavior is directly linked to increased violent behavior and indirectly linked to increased violent behavior through adolescents’ attitudes toward violence, and (c) role model antisocial behavior appear to have a stronger effect on African American early adolescents’ violent behavior than role model prosocial behavior. Possible explanations for study findings and implications are discussed.
As interesting and thought provoking as articles like this are there are several other components that remain.

I’ve always considered HipHop music as a incidental/accidental culprit because of its rhythmic tone and its poetic lyrics that seem to serve as a chant or mantra seemingly casting a spell over the mind of it servant, followers,converts rendering them powerless to the effect…

There are Single Parent homes,Step Parents,Foster Parents, Grandparents. There is participation or not. There is a heavy handed approach and even abuse. I mean, where are the Fathers ,Uncle,Grandfather  shouldn’t they “Care and Bare” some responsibility..?
There is also the unlimited power of the internet (An all power network that never sleep) Not to mention the diet and the rise of Undiagnosed,under diagnosed “Mental Illness)…
Sometimes the “Lie” may be misinformation,information unknown or Un shared because of the stigma…
And what about “The Churches” a staple in the “Original People’s” community and only there will you find several in a city, Oh they may find a way to justify its presence however it’s flawed when you consider that the “Christian Religion” created and made slaves of “Africans” because “Didn’t the African have a religion”… in fact all religions have borrowed from African Lore.

It seems that the Churches can do more, they show up in our communities on Sunday morning dressed and many will speak and be kind as they enter the building shutting the door behind then. Then “Poof” their gone at least until next Sunday.
Some finally thoughts and considerations, the point made earlier about “ Pulling oneself up by there bootstraps isn’t mean spirited of even far fetched. I mean, there are several immigrant stories that come to mind…
Some have a similar boat story ( that they chose to take) they left family and friends ( also their own choice)
One fact is clear, they came with nothing except the clothes on their backs.and although the story of being kidnapped/sold beaten,branded, raped is very disturbing compared to idea of the “American Dream” So much can be accomplished when there is a sense of hope and promise…
Hope and Promise

1.) Where does it come from and who is responsible for its distribution?

2.) Is there an age limit?

3.) Is there a guarantee that it will work?
Think about it, there are the “Lies”s there is the “Truth”and there is the “Blame” game… and the way that we fix it is we remind each other that….

1.) Life isn’t fair.

2.) Hurt people,hurt people.

3.)Sometimes silence is the best response.

4.)Success is the best revenge.

5.)If you don’t read, you won’t lead.

6.)If you don’t learn, you won’t earn.

7.)friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

8.)There is no substitute for hard work.

9.) Fight fire with water.

10.) failure isn’t failure if you learn from it.

For a little while I believed that I could offer some information and clarity of the “Lies ” and provide a “Truth ” that would expose the “Folly.However, what is true is that  we have a lot of work to do and we will see immediate results.

We have to commit to meet and greet, speak and tweak our  relationships that may become life long relationships. Take, every opportunity to teach our children how to communicate ( in the Kings English) how we can make serious strides in our World if we exercise understanding ,patience and also treat everyone with dignity and respect.

These are the “Lie” destroying keys…

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