Bruce Me. Ch.3 “

“Boards don’t hit back” #bruceme

This is the direct response to Bob Walls character (OHara) in the movie ” Enter the Dragon” Bruce Lee’s first and only Hollywood (Warner Bros.) production.

For me and many others like me this movie had few added bonuses.

1.) No subtitles (Bruce Lee speaking English)

2.) A Black martial arts superhero (Jim Kelly) .

3.) The beautiful Angela Mao Ying.

4.) Bruce Lee’s mastery with not only nunchucks but also the ” Staff ” and “Batons”. Breathtaking …

This movie was everything, and would be for decades to come.

This was one of those rare glimpses where Bruce Lee took the time to show the world his “Artistry “

It was …as if… Somehow, Someway…He knew?…He didn’t have much time…

This movie was… “A Gift To Us All”

And what a gift it is,and this gift continues to give from generation to generation.

Just in case you are 1 of the 5 that hasn’t had a chance to see this “Masterpiece” …Yes I said 5, there is no reason to waste anymore time.

We live is the digital age and you deserve a treat (Thank Me Later)

This particular scene is the one we were all waiting for.

How it all came to is an example of Fred Weintraub who passed just this year 2017

Weintraub, Raymond Chow and Paul Heller had their specific talents however “Bruce Lee gave the movie “immortality”

Even though the budget was under One million dollars Wikipedia …this movie had it all

Lalo Schifrin, Oh my… the soundtrack is unmatched by anything produced then and now.

Resume: ▪ 1964: Gone with the Wave (soundtrack) (Colpix)

▪ 1965: The Liquidator (soundtrack) (MGM)

▪ 1965: The Cincinnati Kid (soundtrack) (MGM)

▪ 1966: Murderer’s Row (soundtrack) (Colgems)

▪ 1967: Cool Hand Luke (soundtrack) (Dot)

▪ 1967: Sol Madrid (soundtrack) (MGM)

▪ 1967: Music from Mission: Impossible (Dot)

▪ 1968: The Fox (soundtrack) (Warner Bros.)

▪ 1968: More Mission: Impossible (Paramount)

▪ 1968: Mannix (Paramount)

▪ 1968: Bullitt (soundtrack) (Warner Bros.)

▪ 1969: Che! (soundtrack) (Tetragrammaton)

▪ 1970: Kelly’s Heroes (soundtrack) (MGM)

▪ 1973: Enter the Dragon (soundtrack) (Warner Bros.)

▪ 1977: Voyage of the Damned (soundtrack) (Entr’Acte)

▪ 1977: Rollercoaster (soundtrack) (MCA)

▪ 1979: The Amityville Horror (soundtrack) (American International Pictures, Inc.)

▪ 1980: The Big Brawl (Soundtrack) (Victor)

▪ 2005: Caveman ( 1981 film ) Wikipedia

What a list, the opening score is an example of the reason Lalo was chosen.

The scene during Han’s tournament where Lee comes face to face with an evil man, he (Lee) also knew O’Hara was responsible Lee’s sisters death.

O’Hara in an attempt to intimidate Lee step forward and breaks a wooden board and though strength is an important part of this exercise. Speed and accuracy are equally important.

Unfazed by O’Hara attempt at intimidation and absolutely focused on the death of his sister as it was O’Hara and his hooligans kidnapping village girl and forcing into prostitution, so after being chased and then trapped with no way out the young woman took her own life.

This was one of his most memorable lessons and it took me Several years for me to full understand it.

“Boards Don’t Hit Back”

1.) You are accustomed to attacking the defenseless.

2.) Standing here and allowing you to pummel me isn’t an option.

3.) Conserve your energy for what matters.

There are many of us that embrace the idea of revenge and as far as I am concerned there are so many ways to right the wrongs that come against us as well as our loved ones so I’ll leave you to define Justice or judgment.

However on this cool autumn evening in the early ’70’s we were of one mind…

Bruce Lee ever the philosopher taught us all something that day.

Bruce Lee, continues to teach me…

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