Bruce Me Ch. 4 “The Way Of The Dragon “ #bruceme

Dragon seeks path, Dragon whips his tail”…

In 1972 a movie was released in America that was renamed “Return of the Dragon “

The original name was “The Way of the Dragon”

There was another movie made in 1972 as was “Fist of fury” which was renamed “Chinese Connection”

Note: The title The Chinese Connection (a play on the then-recently released The French Connection) was originally intended for The Big Boss due to the drugs theme of the story and Fists of Fury was intended for Fist of Fury. When it was exported, the titles somehow got switched. Wikipedia

This is an interesting nugget considering the unintended switch that as far as us fan were concerned “didn’t matter”

As a young teenager 16, I was always a thinker and unlike a lot of my friends I payed attention to the script and the morrow of the story. I know what you are thinking (Lame)…

And many friends that get a chance to read some of my “Bruce Me” articles are going to say Wow,” so that’s what that was all about”…

The Way of the Dragon (Chinese: 猛龍過江, released in the United States as Return of the Dragon) is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film written, produced and directed by Bruce Lee, who also stars in the lead role. This is Lee’s only complete directorial film. The film co-stars Nora Miao, Chuck Norris, Robert Wall and Hwang In-shik. Way of the Dragon was released in Hong Kong on 30 December 1972.

Written,Produced and Directed by Bruce Lee.He also acted in the movie as Tang Lung.

This is how it all begins:

n Rome, Chen Ching-hua and her uncle Wang experience trouble with their restaurant from a mob boss who wants their property. When Chen refuses to sell, the mob boss sends gangsters to scare away customers. Appealing to an uncle in Hong Kong, Chen receives help in the form of Tang Lung, a martial artist. Disappointed, Chen asks how he can help her, but Tang confidently assures her that he is capable. At the restaurant, Tang learns that the staff have begun to learn karate, much to the annoyance of Quen, an employee who favors Chinese martial arts. Tang tells Quen that he should be open-minded and incorporate any moves that work. Before Tang can demonstrate his style to them, customers arrive, and the staff change clothes.

Before long, gangsters appear at the restaurant and chase off the customers while Tang is in the bathroom. Angered by Tang’s poor timing, the staff question his skill and the usefulness of his style. Later, the gangsters return to harass more customers. Before the staff can engage the gangsters, Wang asks all involved to take their fighting outside. The staff engage the thugs, only to be beaten. However, Tang single-handedly defeats the thugs, and the staff abandon their training to study under him. Wang warns them that the gangsters will now seek revenge and that this victory could make the situation worse. Tang vows to protect the restaurant. Chen and Tang grow closer, and she takes him on a tour of Rome, though Tang is unimpressed. Wikipedia

This is where I learned an important lesson from Bruce Lee and it is a common theme in all his movies.

1.) Family is everything.

2.) Control your anger and if not channel it.

3.) Fight for a cause “ Not just because”

4.) It is not all about you.

5.) Sometimes you will trust the wrong people.

This particular scene began in the back alley behind the family restaurant.

It seemed that Jimmy was anxious to show one one the leaders his skills (being self taught) but the thug in this scene, we called him “Wolfman Jack” became of his close resemblance to the 60’s/70’s disk jockey. Well the Wolfman Jack look-a-like put Jimmy down with one punch.

The rest of their crew began to mock them and their skill and as they giggled “Chinese Boxing “…

Another brave soul stood up and shouted “ We’ll get him in the end,if only I knew how” he’d see Chinese boxing can beat any of his barbaric trick”

And then something happened.

a.) Something we’d all been waiting for.

b.) The end of The bullies reign.

c.) A somewhat predictable moment in all Bruce Lee movies.

Bruce (Tang Lung) steps forward and makes a quick word of these hooligans.

There were (2) things that were said after a brief warmup

Movement #4, Dragon seeks path.

Dragon whips his tail.

Without going to and through Chinese history we have enough information to suggest that they think Dragons are pretty (Cool) and that they are an important part of everything including their self defense systems.

When Bruce Lee’s character (Tang Lung) says “Dragon seeks path” no need to be alarmed.

a.) Being aware, awake and alert because an opportunity awaits you.

b.) Sometimes the path is misdirection.

c.) All paths are leading somewhere.

As a young man I often sought guidance through Bruce Lee movies and for 1.25 cents you could go downtown to the McVickers , United Artist or the Oriental theaters and catch a “ Triple Feature “ that’s right for a buck twenty-five.

Knowledge of self was a key theme in Bruce Lee’s writings and though I didn’t know what it was or if I would need it I continued to read his writings.

#1. I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10 000 times.

#2. A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

#3. Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do.

#4. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

#5. Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.

My friends would laugh at me and still do, as I’d quote the script from Bruce Lee’s characters.

Dragon whips his tail:

1.) Timing is very,haste makes waste.

2.) The door is open but for a moment

3.) What happens after we (ask, seek and 4.) knock?) We receive, we gain and we reap.

I own copies most of most of Bruce Lee’s movies and whenever I get a moment and even when I don’t I watch them.

It is actually true that if you take time away from a person, place or thing that when you return to it, it is as if you have new eyes or (at least new insight)

The Impulsive and anxious need not apply, because it will only frustrate or inhibit the desired outcome. -mrdadtate-

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