Bruce Me ch.5 “Feng Kwai-Sher come out” #bruceme

Feng Kwai-sher, come out. This command is repeated several times (3) to be exact by the young student Chen Zhen played by Bruce Lee in the movie “Fist of fury “ that received a name change for its American audience “The Chinese Connection”

Young Chen believed that his Teacher had been murdered and even though the other members of the Boxing club believed that their Master had pneumonia after their diabolical plan was revealed by little more than (eavesdropping) by Chen.

As with many of Bruce Lee movies a common theme was the power struggle between the Chinese and Japanese people and their differences continue to this day.

For those of us the watch this movie we had an opportunity to see Bruce Lee at his absolute best, no one would have guessed that he had this level of talent.

The movie had it all:

a suspicious death.

a rivalry gone terribly wrong.

a love story.

the (murderers) are members of your own camp.

Finding out the one of the (2) murderers was Japanese disguised as Chinese.

the character (Chen) becoming more and more emotionally unstable at every turn.

a police Chief the was Chinese but powerless to help his people.

I could go on because as one that has already stated, I am not only a fan, I Bruce Lee was a role model and father figure to me.

This particular scene in the movie we see that young Chen had just made a quick work of Tien the other part of the duo responsible for the death of Chen Zhen’s played by Bruce Lee master )Hao Yuanjia) and while this was taking place Feng Kwai-sher fearfully looked for an advantage, a leg up or an opportunity to ambush young Chen.

At this time we hear these words:

“Feng Kwai-sher, Come out…

“Feng Kwai-sher, Come out!!!

“Feng Kwai -sher…Come out !!!

It was at this time that Feng Kwai-sher attempted to end our hero, however young Chen’s (Cat-like) reflexes made it a very difficult task.

You do understand that young Chen had a mission, one that was driven by emotions that he was unable to tame and “He Was top student at the Jingwu school “

The scene was exceptionally brutal and in an attempt to get answers Chen asked

Why did you kill my teacher?

Why did you kill my teacher?

Why,Why, Why,Why, Why….did you kill my teacher?

However when he asked why, he used his fist as an “accompaniment track” (background) music/sound effect and with the high level of emotions involved Feng Kwai-sher would not be able to answer…

He was dead and and as the old saying goes “Dead Men Tell No Tales”…

The (3) things that I learned from Bruce Lee:

The truth will always come out.

Sometimes the culprit is the one that you least expect.

If you choose to take the law in your own hands, you will have to also accept the consequences.

For me a young man 16 years of age I began to believe in fighting my own battles.

I also adopted the philosophy of “Revenge” (I’ve gotten better as I got older)

In a lot of ways it was the idea that “Once the cycle of revenge begins there is no way to determine where it may land, and I will not be able to stop it”.

I became a husband,father and now a grandfather and it changed me in many ways.

As a Son, admirer and in a lot way (student) of Bruce Lee I actually believe that I have made him proud.

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