Bruce Me Ch.6 “In Memory Of A Once Fluid Man” #bruceme

Bruce Lee personified “Swag” and ” Cool” in a time when the Chinese actors that we saw in television were Cooks, Servants and Laundry owners.

He sat, he walked, he talked with his hands and the very sequences were hypnotic.

Not much is said of his great acting ability. As I think about Bruce Lee in “The Green Hornet” referred to as “The Kato Show” in China, “Longstreet” and countless other cameos,though I was young I had respect, reverence for him.

What was interesting is that even though the “Green Hornet” was introduced during an episode of “Batman” which was a Cheesy, Comical and Non-Flattering television show about a comic book hero.

Yeah, I said “ Cheesy”…R.I.P. Adam West

The Green Hornet was serious,dramatic and violent at times.

His performance in “Fist of Fury” aka “The Chinese Connection” the Rickshaw driver, Telephone service technician and the Newspaper Guy.

We observed an skillful and talented actor.

Maybe it’s me but I think maybe we all need to take another look at this masterpiece.

Hey you?.yeah you… (The Person Reading This Blog)…are you paying attention..? Bruce Lee gave us his absolute “Best”…

And then there is his Warner Brothers/Asian collaboration “Enter The Dragon”…

Much has been said about Bruce’s philosophy of life and the idea of sharing of sacred ancient art with the western world.

He pushed and pulled as well as broke and mended cultural and psychological ideas about his community and the world.

Put in layman’s term Bruce was way ahead of his time.

For some reason I remember these words to be part of a last will and testament of Bruce Lee. A final request “ words to be placed on his tombstone, however I was wrong at least according to Wikipedia…

On January 31st, 1967, during a break from filming his role as Kato in Green Hornet, Bruce Lee wrote and illustrated the following letter to friend and metal-worker George Lee, the man responsible for crafting the Jeet Kune Do founder’s weaponry and other fighting equipment. This was the year Bruce Lee’s new, dynamic martial arts system was unveiled and as such some promotional material was needed; most notably a symbolic miniature tombstone, the epitaph of which perfectly illustrated Lee’s opinion of classical, overly-structured martial arts.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of



I’ve been shooting Batman these few days and busy like hell. I believe I should be able to find time to show your boy and his friends around the studio this coming Friday.

The Oklahoma appearance was great and I’m asked back for another one in Georgia. That sign you made has created quite a hit – everyone admires your talents.

If you have time, I like to make two requests for some stuffs that you can make for me. They are gadgets to put my system across.

First, I like three signs for hanging like picture on wall – slightly smaller than the sign you made for me. Here are the plans & ideas – this project by the way is to illustrate the thought behind my system – the 3 stages


Explanation for the three signs (same black shining background as the sign you made)


Here all we need is one red half and one gold half of the yin yang symbol. HOWEVER no dot is need on either halves; in other word it is just plain red with no gold dot, or just plain gold with no red dot (this serves to illustrate extreme softness (like [?]) or/and extreme hardness (like [?]). So just follow the drawing and also put the phrase – PARTIALITY – THE RUNNING TO EXTREME on the blackboard.


Exact yin yang symbol like the sign you made for me except there is no Chinese Characters around the symbol. Of course, the phrase – FLUIDITY – THE TWO HALVES OF ONE WHOLE will be on the blackboard.


Just a shinny black board with nothing on it except the phrase EMPTINESS – THE FORMLESS FORM

The other three signs have to be the same size because they illustrate the three stages of cultivation. Please do make them like the sign you made for me aluminium symbol and shinny black board.

The second gadget I have in mind is used to dramatize the not too alive way of the classical so called Kung Fu styles. What I have in mind is a miniature “tomb stone” and here is the drawing


I’m sure you know how a grave looks like and make it with any material you like (aluminium tomb stone is fine) and at any size you want. Not too small though, because it’s for display.

Call me collect is you have any problem.

Thank you in anticipation.



There is quite a bit of information about George Lee a close friend,student and confidant of Bruce Lee,

He was also a machinist and had the arduous task of creating whatever the mind of Bruce could conjure up.

IN MEMORY OF: George Lee (1916 – Dec 16, 2013)

It is with sadness I have to report that George Lee, an original student of Bruce Lee’s during the Oakland period, has passed at the age of 97 (posted by Chris Kent and Lamar Davis to Facebook). He was best known as the man responsible for developing Bruce’s ideas for training devices into reality.

Much has been made of Bruce Lee’s unusual training devices. While I built many of them, it was Bruce who actually designed them. He would make sketches, and then mail or give them to me, and I would bring them home and make the items.

He didn’t use much of the traditional training equipment. At that time, there wasn’t much on the market anyway. Being a machinist by trade, I was able to make his items in my shop in Northern California. It was something I was able to do for my friend Bruce. Whatever Bruce wanted, I did it. He was one hell of a nice guy.

Also according to this article George Lee was responsible for making Bruce’s Nunchaku’s, 3-section staff the tombstone however was the most popular of the things he made.

Wow among all the things that we know about Bruce Lee, we have to add Creator, Designer and inventor.

He would write a letter with his drawing and design idea and after mailing it the device (George) would ship them to Bruce and he would test the specs and that was it,that is if Bruce was satisfied.

What we have here folks is a word used quite a bit in the now 21st century “Branding”…

The man single handedly dismantled a style or collection of styles of Kung Fu declaring them


Out dated

Too restrictive

Too many forms

Bruce Lee was and is the one that we must thank for an art he referred to as Jeet Kune-Do.

Jeet-Kune-Do (The Way of the intercepting fist) is an art that Mr.Lee Produced as the result of his “Distrust” and “Anger” at the Martial Arts systems and their lack of “Fluidity “ or “Flow”.

That is where the words (Crammed and distorted by the (a) Classical mess) come into play…

Bruce spoke often about water and how it was impossible to predict its pattern or its direction.beginning or ending.

Listen to his words: “Be water my friend “

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Jeet Kune Do favors formlessness so that it can assume all forms and since Jeet Kune Do has no style, it can fit in with all styles. As a result, Jeet Kune Do utilizes all ways and is bound by none and, likewise, uses any techniques which serve its end. en.m.wikiquotes.

It is clear as we read the words of the artist referred to as arguably “The Greatness Martial Artist In Modern Times”…

What he (Bruce) provides a “Way” that is not his way.because the study of Jeet-Kune-Do is by definition (The Way of the intercepting fist) which is a way not your way. Your (Way) must be found by you but first you must “Empty yourself” of all your “ Classical training and beliefs and in that moment “But only for a moment “…

If it appears that I sound like his student, it is because I sat attentive at his feet (In Spirit) as a student of his (In My Dreams)…

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