The Ten Commandments Of Parenting “ -by Arnold Mrdadtate-

As a parent and grandparent I have a simple rule of engagement “Don’t Quit”

There will be times when it is difficult and appears impossible but do not quit.

I wrote these “10” Commandments months ago in order to give parents a template,a guide wire of Support in those moments that we feel under appreciated.

It is a reminder that “ It’s Not About You”…

1.) All Lies Matter:

Choosing to tell a lie is a 2 edged sword and when it returns or is exposed it will open the door to a “liar in training”…

2.) Remember Your Assignment:

Sometimes in the midst of parent duty

a.) diapers duty

b.) feedings

c.) nap time

d.) potty training

And that is the infant stage which has 100’s Of responsibilities “ We have in some way signed up for this”

3.) Nice And Easy:

There will be times when you are overwhelmed and sleep deprived or even frustrated. Take a deep breath and think only of the “child in your care”

4.) Opportunity Doesn’t Knock:

As a parent we must continue to be creative and define what a relationship with our child/children should be or could


5.) Love Is Conditional:

There are many things that can distract us and force us to lose focus. Enjoy the time that you spend with (your) baby and watch as the condition changes you will slowly place conditions on the love you feel and share.

6.) Discipline Is Designed To Direct:

Discipline isn’t for you. It isn’t designed for you at all. Nor is it to get you straight or your child to comply.

Discipline is by design a way to give our children power not to take it.

Having a talk with our child/children is important in discipline.

Discuss what occurred and the consequence

There must be direction involved for discipline to work.

7.) Tell Them (I love you)

Remind your child/children each day that you love them.

Remind them with the word, I do realize the you love them in action, but say the words..

Finally, love you doesn’t count.


8.) Always Available,Available Always:

This one needs no introduction of definition.

It is simple wake,take and make.

Awake to you Responsibility (your child/children)

Take the time to listen not only to what is said but also what may not be said.

Make Available designated time and situations that will make it easy for openness (Family meeting) is one example.

9.) Talking Low And Slow/

What is interesting is that in my many years of working with at risk youth I’ve found this method also to be hypnotic.

They speak fast. I’d speak slow.

They speak high and I speak low.

10.)Everyone Win When Everyone Win:

Do I need to explain this one.

The sooner you understand that Family is everything the better off you’ll be.

This has been fun-

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