Black lies Matter Ch. 3 “ “ Identity Crisis “

Who are you? Wait,Before you say a name ,there is something that you need to know. Your name is not who you are, it is who you are “known as “ what people call you it is how you are identified and It does not answer our question.

It is easy to get confused or to be confused by this question.

This question will baffle many people however,for the “Original People” it is particularly difficult having lost…


2.) Friends




So, as we are in search “Self” The “Black”aka “Original People” have the arduous task of curing themselves of what we will refer to as an “Identity Crisis”

Hmm… in that case “Pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” isn’t as difficult as believed. Or is it…?

There is much that may be said about not having access, or information of their “who, what,when,where, how and why” but it isn’t enough to give a pass to the idea of Civic,family and Community responsibility… It also doesn’t give an individual or “”Group” the right to or (Not To) become a part/partner of the “American Dream”…

The American Dream, what exactly is it…? We could speak of the “Constitution” “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”… What I’m talking about the right to create or recreate “One’s” reality….

People do it everyday:

1.)Find a job or apply for public assistance.

2.) work a job,or don’t

3.)Create a job (entrepreneur)


4.)Find a home

5.)Build a home, rebuild or remodel a home

6.)Be homeless

How then does a person with absolutely no idea of who they are or who their parents are have a chance?

Leslie Calvin “Les” Brown is an American motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician. As a politician, he is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Wikipedia

Now this story has a “Once upon a time” period that will make you cry not so much because it’s just sad, more because it could easily be used as an (excuse or woe is me) moment…

In our last “Black Lies Matter” story we identified several unfortunate “Lies” and “Myths” that we used as a support method that has stymied our development.

We don’t have a chance.

We try and (The Man) will work to block us.

We lack resources and the “leg up” to start.

Woe Is Me, We, Us…

Biblically,Psychological and Generationally “Cursed”

Early Life:

Brown was born with his twin brother, Wesley, in an abandoned building in Liberty City, a low-income section of Miami, Florida. He was subsequently given up for adoption and adopted by Mamie Brown, a 38-year-old single woman who worked as a cafeteria attendant and domestic assistant. He was declared “educable mentally retarded” while in grade school. Despite the self-esteem and confidence loss issues this created, he learned how to reach his full potential with the encouragement of his mother and assistance by a helpful teacher in high school, a key point in many motivational speeches he gives now. Wikipedia

What’s more:

Les Brown’s birth mom gave him and his brother up because she got pregnant by another man while her husband was away in the military. The agreement was that no one could know who their birth Mom was…

There’s More:

A major lesson Brown imparts early in “Live Your Dreams” is that “there comes a time when you have to drop your burdens in order to fight for yourself and your dreams.” It was another significant figure in Brown’s early life who awakened his listless consciousness and brought about this awareness: LeRoy Washington, a speech and drama instructor at Booker T. Washington High School in Miami. While in high school, Brown “used to fantasize being onstage speaking to thousands of people,” he related to Jones, “and I used to write on pieces of paper, ‘I am the world’s greatest orator.”‘

But it wasn’t until he encountered Washington that he truly learned of the sound and power of eloquent speech to stir and motivate. Brown related in his book that he once told Washington in class that he couldn’t perform a task because he was educable mentally retarded, the instructor responded, “Do Not Ever Say That Again! “Some-one’s opinion of you does Not have to become Your reality.” Those words provided Brown’s liberation from his debilitating label. “The limitations you have, and the negative things that you internalize are given to you by the world,” he wrote of his realization. “The things that empower you-the possibilities-come from within.”

Yourdiction:Biography-Les Brown Facts


The autobiography of Les Brown is a story of the “American Dream” it provides us with a clear example of what “not only can be done” but what will be done when an individual “Dares to dream” and refuses to “Allow life to take place without challenging what is considered “normal,average or impossible”…and adding a couple of supporting actor so to speak and we can’t forget, hard work…

There are countless stories of people that have no idea of who they are or what their purpose is…

Eric Thomas Ph.d

Thomas was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. After various arguments with his parents and aunts, he dropped out of high school and lived homeless on the streets of Detroit for two years.

While he was homeless, he met a preacher who inspired him to go back to school and eventually change lives. He also took a job at an Olive Garden on the westside of Detroit. Around this time, Thomas met his wife, De-De Mosley, at the Detroit Center Seventh Day Adventist Church.They then moved to Huntsville, Alabama, attended Oakwood University, and they were married as college students.

Thomas spent twelve years working toward an undergraduate degree at Oakwood and graduated in 2001. While in Huntsville, Thomas preached and set up a program to help underprivileged youth. Wikipedia…

Eric Thomas is an outstanding motivational “Teacher” and has a way of forcing to you tell the truth not the 2017 version “Telling Your Truth” his style is unique and his storytelling is unlike anything that I’ve ever heard. One such quote “You need to put yourself on punishment” got me up and out of my life of being “Average” to a path of responsible, accountable, committed living…

Jamie Foxx:

Eric Marlon Bishop was born in Terrell, Texas on December 13, 1967.[2] He is the son of Darrell Bishop (renamed Shahid Abdula following his conversion to Islam),[3] who sometimes worked as a stockbroker, and Louise Annette Talley Dixon. Shortly after his birth, Foxx was adopted and raised by his mother’s adoptive parents, Esther Marie (Nelson), a domestic worker and nursery operator, and Mark Talley, a yard worker.[4][5][6] He has had little contact with his birth parents, who were not part of his upbringing.[7] Foxx was raised in the black quarter of Terrell, which at the time was a racially segregated community.[8] He has often acknowledged his grandmother’s influence in his life as one of the greatest reasons for his success.

There are so many stories that may be told about people who “against all odds” overcame what may seem to be a worst case scenario to become a household name and in many cases unknowns, because we tend to seek and acknowledge what may be seem to television or radio.

There is also another “Lie” about

a.) Race

b.) Luck

c.) compromise/bartering or

d.)work,time and connection

The truth is there is only one race and “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson…

And then there are the countless stories about individuals the have “Sold their souls “ and done unthinkable things to “Get ahead “

And finally there (2) four letter words that appear to be deal breakers “Hard and Work” and the “Time” that it takes to experience “The American Dream”

We were all born with a certain degree of power. The key to success is discovering this innate power and using it daily to deal with whatever challenges come our way. Les Brown

Read more at:

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up. Les Brown

Read more at:

Now let’s listen to the words of Eric Thomas (ET) Ph.d.

There was a young man who, you know,

He wanted to make a lot of money

And so he went to this Guru, right.

And he told the Guru,

“You know I wanna be on the same level you’re on.”

And so The Guru said,

“If you wanna be on the same level I’m on,

I’ll meet tomorrow,

At the beach, at 4 AM.”

He’s like,

“The beach?

I said I wanna make money. I don’t wanna swim.”

Guru said,

“If you wanna make money,

I’ll meet you tomorrow. 4 AM.”

So the young man got there 4 AM.

He all ready to rock n’ roll.

Got on a suit.

Should have worn shorts.

The old man grabs his hand and said,

“How bad do you wanna be successful?”

He said, “Real bad”.

[The Guru] He said, “Walk on out in the water.”

So he walks out into the water.

Watch this.

When he walks out into the water it goes waist deep.

So he’s like,

“This guy crazy.

I wanna make money and he got me out here swimming.

I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard.

I wanna make money.”

So he [The Guru] said, “Come out a little further.”

[He] walked out a little further.

Then he had it right around this area,

The shoulder area.

“So this old man crazy.

He making money,

But he crazy.”

So he [The Guru] said,

“Come on out a little further.”

He came out a little further,

It was right at his mouth,

My man like,

“I’m not about to go back in.

This guy out of his mind.”

So the old man said,

“I thought you said you wanted to be successful?”

He said, “I do.”

He [The Guru] said, “Walk a little further.”

He came,

Dropped his head in,

Held him down,

Hold him down,

My man getting scratchy,

Holding him down,

He [The Guru] had him held down,

Just before my man was about to pass out,

He [The Guru] raised him up.

He [The Guru] said, “I got a question for you.”

He [The Guru] said, “When you were underwater, what did you want to do?”

He said, “I wanted to breathe.”

He [The Guru] told the guy; He [The Guru] said,

“When you want to succeed,

As bad as you want to breathe,

Then you’ll be successful.”

– Eric Thomas, Secrets To Success Speech – Part 1 Life success

Eric Thomas is a truth teller and his backstory is making it impossible for the “Black Lie” to stand.

His homelessness which he said was something he was grateful for and credits for the person that he has become.

Eric Marlon Bishop aka Jamie Foxx

According to Wikipedia was adopted by his maternal grandmother at the age of 7 months. What is interesting is the his mother was also adopted by the same grandmother.

The name Foxx came from his great respect and honor of Redd Foxx.

When Foxx started performing at open mic nights in 1989, female comedians were routinely called to the stage ahead of the male comics — and Foxx didn’t want to wait that long. He chose “Jamie” because of its gender ambiguity. “Foxx” was his way of paying tribute to one of his favorite performers, Redd Foxx — whose moniker was also a stage name. (Redd Foxx, best known for his role in ’70s sitcom “Sanford and Son,” was born John Elroy Sanford.)

We’ve taken a serious look at many of the “Myths” and “Lie” as well as quite a few “Obstacles Busters” to all but guarantee “ success as we all seek “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

These are not new ideas, but inalienable right promised the “The Constitution” One does not need permission He/She merely needs to adapt and adopt these truths that “ All Men are created equal”…

There is a reference to a proverb in the King James Version of the Bible and although the phrase isn’t in the proverb portion of this bible we might consider the fact that Luke is said to be a Doctor and the quote is referencing healing in Luke 4:23 “ You will say to me,Physician heal thyself “

And now I say to you, “Heal Thyself “

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