“ Make Yourself At Home”

There’s a common greeting that was used in the 60’s and 70’s. We hear it periodically these days.

The phrase is designed as a way of making our guests feel comfortable or at ease.

I however do not use this phrase and must also say I’ve never use it.

You see it sounds like an open invitation and depending on who your guests are,it may become a disaster.

I remember several years ago I and my then wife were visiting friends ,it was what we referred to as a get together.

As each guest arrived my friend would invite them in and say “ Make yourself at home.

Well one of the guest took the greeting literally and began putting his feet on the cocktail table, kick off his shoes and even went into the kitchen to prepare himself something to eat because (he was now a vegetarian)

I say “Now” because I hadn’t seen him in about 6 months and our host Andre said it was as long for him as well.

As disruptive as this behavior was I said nothing , that is until Samantha spoke up and said something about his (Cornell’s) smelly feet.

There was an explosion of laughter followed by an angry Cornell who hurled a nasty remark at Samantha whom he had apparently dated a few years earlier.

And then the quiet (Oh how loud it was)

In an attempt to break the silence and restore the festive atmosphere Andre said, “Come on people there’s a party going on and you’re missing out”.

Again, I didn’t say a word, and if you know me you will also know that was a “Big Deal” ( I enjoy exercising my right not to remain silent)

Oooh, but I wanted to.

I found us some help, I wish we had it then.

Huffington Post:

13 (Awful) Dinner Party Guests, And How To Handle Them.

By Kate Bratskeir m. huff post.com

Oh, people are strange. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, graciously offer to host a dinner party. Then you’ll see.

You’d think it’d be customary for party guests to act per status quo — as in, polite — but when you get people together around a table with food, things can often go awry.

For example, while your friend may have never mentioned her recent foray into veganism, she will announce her new diet only when she sits behind her empty plate. This person is known as “The Fussy Eater.”

Does that seem familiar?

Wait there’s more:

What I found interesting is that there are no real scenarios to help us in situations like this online, Trust me I put google to work.

It seems as if when things like this happens it may sort itself out or the host is too embarrassed to share what occurred.

I am going to give you my take on wayward dinner guest.

In this case it begins with the greeting.

Do you remember?

Come on, I know you remember…

Do you need a moment to scroll down?

O.K. While you are scrolling I’ll say it.


I can’t say whether Cornell took it literally or not,what I can say is that he appeared to have started the party before getting there.

(Adult Beverages)

Sometimes we want to believe better of people even when it is clear that they have crossed the line.

There should always be a backup (Person) at the event so that if the host is hosting or the situation get out of hand.


If at all possible create an itinerary, complete with menu,dress code and a reminder that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

As I stated earlier I had a difficult time finding anything that could offer support or guidance through the dinner party scenario but,I hope that I did O.K.

-The End-

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