Bruce Me Ch.9 “The Preying Mantis”

The “Preying Mantis” or “Praying Mantis” was a episode of the “Green Hornet” a television show that was a spinoff of the “Batman” television series of the 60’s.

As mentioned is another blog “Batman” was a comedic spin on the “ Batman” comic book by the same name.

The “Green Hornet however was very dark and violent and even though it didn’t last but for one season, it proved exciting and memorable.

Interesting Information:

Seven years before he achieved international fame in the 1973 film Enter the Dragon, martial arts legend Bruce Lee starred in TV’s short-lived The Green Hornet. He played The Green Hornet’s sidekick valet, Kato.

And during Hornet’s one-season run, Kato met Batman.

Originally conceived as a 1936 radio series, The Green Hornet follows the secret identity of playboy publisher Britt Reid. Played by Van Williams, Reid wears a green coat, hat and mask to fight crime; Kato, his sidekick and chauffeur, drives their gadget-packed car, “Black Beauty.” The Hornet and Kato pretend to be criminals to infiltrate and overthrow underworld gangs.

What did Batman and The Green Hornet have in common? William Dozier, producer of the successful Batman TV series and the Batman spinoff film, both starring Adam West, also produced The Green Hornet show.

And so it was that Bruce Lee (Kato) and Adam West (Batman) came to share the screen. The Green Hornet and Kato originally had a “window cameo” — they appeared at a window in a wall being climbed by Batman and Robin, in 1966’s “The Spell of Tut.” The following year they co-starred in two-part episodes “A Piece of the Action” and “Batman’s Satisfaction.”

While The Green Hornet ran for only one season, it cemented the popularity of Bruce Lee with the American public, paving the way for his stellar martial arts acting success in the 1970s.

The Praying Mantis:episode

This episode was very interesting to be because it was set in Chinatown and there were several Asian actors One specific actor (Mako) was one of my favorites.

Mako was a Japanese American actor that actually served in the U.S.Army and became a naturalized citizen.He acted in several movies as well as Broadway.

Mako played the leader of a gang the was the forcing business owners to pay for protection.

He was also skilled in the ancient Kung fu style of

The Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis:

is named for its prominent front legs, which are bent and held together at an angle that suggests the position of prayer. By any name, these fascinating insects are formidable predators. They have triangular heads poised on a long “neck,” or elongated thorax.

The Praying Mantis is a interesting to watch in battle and there is much said about its ideas of mating.

What tha?

Female praying mantises have a habit of killing and eating their partners during sex, which sucks for the male. Or does it? A fascinating new study shows this sacrifice is actually giving the males a distinct reproductive advantage.

Sexual cannibalism among praying mantises is well documented, but scientists have debated the reasons for it. A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B shows that females who eat their male partners after sex produce more eggs than those who don’t. What’s more, by eating the male, the widowed female ensures that her man is still providing for their offspring, even though he’s dead.

From everything that I’ve read the only problem with the spellings “Preying or Praying is that one actually explains how they received their name.(Praying hands)

I’ve also been able to watch this form of Kung Fu in practice and in battle (sparring)

Sparring is a form of fighting in a controlled environment with rules.

This gang that showed up in Chinatown were attempting to extort and bully the merchants and restaurant owners.

Their (so called) protection system was designed to protect the businesses from the bullies themselves.

As a fan of the Green Hornet I had a pretty good idea of how things would would go down. But, in this particular scene I was flabbergasted, Confused and even angry.

The story goes like this:

This is the way that I explain stories like this to my oldest grandson.

The bad guy came to the restaurant to cause problems.

They beat up the people in the restaurant and tried to run away.

Get the point…

When the Green Hornet show up at the scene of the crime the (4) hoodlums ran. Kato went after them and was ambushed.

I Was Pissed:

This guy (Lo sing) had handled (Kato) like nothing I had seen before.

I Was Pissed:

There was a lesson for me here and I wasn’t ready.

The point that I’m making is at the time that I watch this episode of The Green Hornet, I was young maybe 7 years old and there would be a lot that I would need to learn about what was happening.

Confidence or Overconfidence

Planning ( My route home from school).

When to ask for (wait for) help.

When Bruce Lee (Kato) was ambushed it took place in a area where he was all alone.

a.) There were (4) guys and his “Confidence” got the best of him.

b.) He was not familiar with the terrain and that made the ambush successful.

c.) His partner “Green Hornet” arrives to the scene with him…


In my teens I had a hard struggle with “Overconfidence” and it caused me to face many unnecessary defeats.

I had to (2) younger brothers at the time and I failed them in the area of being the best role model that I could be.

These times were tough for me being without a father, but Bruce Lee provides an important ingredient to the man that I was to become.

Thinking of the scene where a sneaky (Lo Sing) ambushes Kato and knocked him into a garbage can.

Later in the episode when The Green Hornet as “Brit Reed” is speaking with Kato after they realized they would be meeting these “Bad Guys” again.

Kato announces that the Gung fu guy (Lo Sing) was his “He’s Mine”, meaning that he wanted to get his revenge.

Know your terrain:

I also remember dealing with a bully that would terrorize me by driving by and just being threatening (I would run) and he would give chase.

One day as he chased me I led him to a place where he was unfamiliar,without his “Goons” I stopped suddenly and said these words “ What are you going to do now?” He looked at me with a look of fear,then ran off never to be seen again

Get Help:

I must say that for most of my life I’ve been a loner. Never depending on anyone and having trust issues because people are unpredictable.However, there is a story that comes to mind of an individual that approached me at a church I went to when I was 17.

The Church was Christ Bible Center and there was a time when things weren’t going so well at home and church had become my life.

I had no place to stay and the Pastor gave me and a couple of other (Brothers) a place to stay.

It was at this time that I had a new “Family “.

One night after service as was the tradition “Uncle Henry” would prepare food for sale out of his trunk. Everyone called him “Uncle Henry” but as it turned out Henry Allen was the Brother in Law of the Pastor of the Church.

And he considered me his “Nephew”.

On this particular night, there was this guy running his mouth and since he had his friends with him he felt really tough.

He the (loud mouth guy) turned to me and began talking tough.

Even though I was capable of taking care of myself “Uncle Henry “ turned to the young man and said using explicit language “You Don’t wanna bother this guy” and pulled out his gun said “ Don’t say another word to my Nephew”…

They left without another word.

I must say that is was a touchy as well as touching moment that I will never forget. Rest In Peace Uncle Henry…

Bruce Lee continues to teach and I will continue to share his lessons.

-The End-

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