“ Just One More Thing “

I am a major fan of the television series Columbo play by the legendary actor Peter Falk.

I own several seasons on DVD and even as episodes come on television, I set my DVR to record them.

I realize That this may appear as an obsession and my response to that analysis is always “Okay”.

You see, it isn’t an insult to me because there are a lot of obsessions far worse.

I have found myself perusing the various titles for the one that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I would challenge his skill and ability to come to a conclusion.

You seeing some of these modern day detective shows with all the blood splatter,DNA and high tech computer analysis not only leave nothing to the imagination but eliminates imagination altogether.

When I have difficulty finding an old enough episode I usually go down the line and pick the next in line and start Watching.

I must say it is like the minister use tell us when I was a young boy referencing a Bible verse.

Each time that you read it,you will see something new.

One More Thing:

This phrase has become synonymous with Columbo.

A Carefully Designed Statement As A Ruse Or A Con:

Whatever you may think about this tactic, it was genius.


1.) It catches the “Person of Interest off guard.

2.) When he says it, they are usually alone.

3.) With the exception of a few,everyone felt it was innocent and part of being absent minded.

Just One More Thing:

It Is also the name of Peter Michael Falk’s autobiography.

I find myself self using this phrase as a motivational tool.

a.) Reminding us of what else we can do to accomplish our objectives.

b.) As a dieting trick, to add something to our meal versus taking something away. A glass of water or a salad.

c.) In Discipline ( allow our children an opportunity to choose the punishment)

What I Learned:

If you think about it or even just say the words as you exit a meeting or watching someone you love walk away.

Really “Just Try It”…

It is powerful and anyone that hears it will “Stops In Their Tracks”…

However, rehearse it,you don’t what to look confused when you say it.

Just One More Thing, I want you to know “ I Love You”…

Just One More Thing, “ What do you think is a good punishment”

Just One More Thing, “ Instead Of A Coke, Let Have Water” or “Since you are determined to have the cake let’s skip dinner and just have a slice of cake?”

I am of the Mind that if a television doesn’t hold my attention and make me think it’s no point in watching it

And as often as I learn, I want to share.

I do hope that if you aren’t a fan of the “Columbo” series already you’d give it a try.

But watch the original the remake 80’s episodes lost its writers and pure content.

My daughter Melissa likes the 80’s shows.


Please take the time to check it out.

You will not be wasting your time…

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