Bruce Me Ch.11 “Entering The Dragon “ #bruceme

I remember very well the 70’s and The many movies that dominated this time.

I remember many movies that today’s Kids haven’t and will not get to see except on a little know cable channel named “El Rey” that you can only get on direct tv.

There were a group of us Kirk, Lyle, Johnny R.I.P. and I and in the 70’s that were so committed to these flicks as well as the Martial Arts That at one time we made our own 8mm films.

There were also James Fair, Charlie Byrd and Tim Cunningham (Notice the use of last names) that joined our group later as we tried to find out where we fit in this new genre.

There are too many movies to name.
There were so many “ Stars “…

Kirk was the guy’s who’s house that we hung out most of the time ( He had the cool Mom) and Kirk had the camera.

What was also interesting was looong before the bootleg movies became the norm, he was in the theater recording some of these movies to share with those of us that weren’t at to see.

It was expensive:

1.25- 3 Movies
55 cents- Bus/El Oneway

It was the 70’s

And there were many movies (100’s)

My Family didn’t have any extra cash or at least it appeared that way. But, later I would find out that and excess monies were set aside for or to the “Son” and not the “Stepsons”

Checkout my blog “ Aliens Among Us”…

There were times that as a young man that I would get access to the (Secret Stash) and I would help myself.

Yes, I would help myself to money that didn’t belong to me (Steal)

When I took (Stole) the money

I was eventually caught and figured that it wasn’t worth it or at some point “It Was Wrong “

But at the time I would get a chance to to go the movies or purchase Martial Arts weapons my favorite being the Nunchakus.

This was and is a favorite of mine to this day and they are always close.

There is a pair in my nightstand and there is a pair right next to the driver’s seat in my car..

Bruce Lee’s movies were late to this particular genre. However from the moment you saw his movies you were an instant fan.(at least we were)

The movie was Enter The Dragon and let me just say it was great for many reasons.

No subtitles.
American actors including a Black Guy.
An American production.
Kato was all grown up.
It had the most amazing Soundtrack.

As I mentioned in a previous “Bruce Me” blog this was to be the only movie by Bruce that was available to America.

Bruce appeared to be holding a grudge with America for how poorly he was treated by the American studios after the Green Hornet series and though he had movies they weren’t for the American audience.

It wasn’t until his death that we would have an opportunity to witness his other successes.

After Enter The Dragon everyone wanted more

The Big Boss ( Fist Of Fury)
Fist Of Fury (The Chinese Connection)
The Way Of The Dragon (Return Of The Dragon)
Game Of Death.

An interesting fact the you find in my earlier blogs the names of both Fist Of Fury and The Chinese Connection were inadvertently switched.

The Big Boss (Fist Of Fury) was a story about the Boss of an ice factory that was a smuggling drugs and The Chinese Connection (Fist Of Fury) was a story about ferocious,unrelenting students attempt to avenge his Master’s murder. The title was somewhat borrowed from a popular movie at the time “The French Connection”.

Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon was a combination of Great Story, Great Music and Great Actors.

Bruce Lee- Played the part of Lee a secret agent of sorts, whose sole job was to gather information about Han’s Drug and prostitution ring.

John Saxon- An American actor birth name (Carmine Orrico)

John Saxon played a man by the name of Roper he was chosen as one of the agents as well as participants in the tournament he was a good Martial Artist and for some reason in our little group my friends chose me as the “Roper” during our re enactment.

I hated that…

Kirk had great kicks and agility so he would be Lee and Lyle (had an Afro) would be Williams (Jim Kelly)

One of the other reasons that I disliked being cast as Roper was the fact that he ( although He was in full Martial Arts attire a He wore “Wing Tipped” shoes)

Most people never noticed…

Jim Kelly was relatively new having done one movie (Melinda) before Enter The Dragon and played the role of Williams a Martial Arts instructor that would also participate in the tournament.

One thing that I observed about Williams was that he could blown the whole undercover operation by telling Han that it was Lee and not him that was out the previous evening and beaten hadup his guards.

It did however cost him the ultimate price.

The movie had a storyline and some spectacular display of Martial Arts (hand to hand) as well as weapons.

There is an unforgettable scene in the tunnel where Lee went from Staff to Baton and then Nunchaku .

Absolutely “Breathtaking”

What did I learn from Bruce Lee?

What didn’t I learn from Bruce Lee?

Family First: Part of his reason for taking this job was to avenge the death of his sister at the hands of O’Hara played by karate champion Bob Wall.
The art of Fighting without fighting:On the ship during their journey to “Han’s Island “ there was a gentleman that attempted to pick a fight with Lee who cleverly convinced him to fight him (Lee) on a nearby Island. Not being eager to fight the guy ( Who was harassing everyone on the boat was led by Lee to a smaller boat Lee immediately grabbed a rope and left him (nuisance guy) to float away. Lee even handed the rope to one of the kids that had bore the brunt of the guys bullying.
Touching act of humanity:The scene with the boy on the boat is the only time that I had could remember Bruce Lee engaging with a child and though he had children of his own this scene was so natural,organic and beautiful.

It is these unintentional and less predictable and obvious scenes that spoke to me and guided me to the man that I would become.

The well rounded and complete even complex Man that he was and is.

My Entering The Dragon has always been one of the highlights of my development as a Human Being, a Man and a Father…

There is no excuse for a life that is wasted, there will be no forgiveness for a purposeless existence -Arnold mrdadtate-

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