Black Lies Matter 5 “Higher Learning “

In the ”Community “ we do not have a large number of families dealing with the idea of our children going to college.

There are a number of reasons that this reality exists. However I’ll only name a few.

No college graduate (Family) history.

Poor preparation (Parents as well as Students)

Fear of the unknown. Student//Parents

Identity Crisis:

In the post slavery era there was a moment in time when the slave took a well deserved break and not the way you might think.

You see the slave worked from sun up to sundown, with no off days, sick days or vacation.

Also In the post slavery era there were many that went back to their masters and worked with a new agreement, While many remained with the master on the original terms because that was all that they knew.

There were groups known as sharecroppers.




noun: sharecropper; plural noun: sharecroppers; noun: share-cropper; plural noun: share-croppers

a tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent.

Without going to deeply into this option one thing must be made clear.

The former masters were not satisfied with the abolition of slavery (Losing 100% of their labor force) as the role of the slave was solely determined by whatever the masters decided.

Let get back to the post slavery re-identification.

There was also a group of people that had the idea that, if we are going to truly gain our independence we must get “Schooling “

Cool Huh? I bet you didn’t expect that word…?

The is defined as getting an “Education”…

As you may be able to see by now, there couldn’t have been a consensus or vote taken ( There were many plantations and many States)

The idea of unity was at this time based on plantations or settlements.

There would be no way to figure out the direction the former slave would go.

Or would it?

Maybe then as well as now the idea of independence was an individual plight or responsibility.

Maybe the role and responsibility is placed on the individual to prepare and provide their (Talents and abilities as an “Offering “ and introduce it to (The Group) for the development of the group.

Wow, I’m out of breath.That was a mouthful.

We will get back to that point in a bit,because it will connect to other “Lies” that we hear and repeat.

There was also a little known and seldom mentioned group of individuals that were unwilling to participate in their newfound freedom.

These were “Outlaw” and they went about robbing and terrorizing the various plantations.

Sound Familiar:

They also robbed Bankers,Stagecoaches, Stores and individuals.

They determined to choose this life and became part of the many legends of the “Wild West”

This story:

The stories of the cowboys has been written as the story of another “Community “ being someone that they were not.

It’s simple if you think about it.

Cowboy: Taking a trip back in time we see that the name “Boy was a common name used to degrade and relegated the slave to the level of a child.

We see this in our history as well as in movies.

Cowhand: This is a clear depiction of the handlers and their children, and they would never be addressed as or called a boy.

“Oftentimes we think of cowboys of being of European origin,” Trotty began her presentation. “Among those early cowboys who helped with the trail rides and the western movement were African-Americans.”

The word cowboy, Trotty said a well-known lecturer believes, comes from a term used to describe African-American men who tended to cows. Since these men were called “boys” rather than “men,” the word cowboy stuck, she said.

“The tradition of being a cowboy and a working rancher is still very strong in the African-American community. It’s a continuing tradition,” she said, explaining that her uncle was a rancher.

There quite a few miss-told ( Mistake in telling) stories of history and this takes place for many reasons.

To enhance (Inflate) the reputation of the people in power.

To take away the hope and imagination of the oppressed people.

Most of the history that is available is as the result of family and individual accounts and in those instances the ruling class controlled history.

In the “Community” there are many that believe that the “ Victim “ philosophy is the answer to everything that exist in their lives.

This is a mistake. And I will go so far as to say, a disease.



a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment.

any abnormal condition in a plant that interferes with its vital physiological processes, caused by pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, unfavorable environmental, genetic, or nutritional factors, etc.

any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of the mind or society: His fascination with executions is a disease.

decomposition of a material under special circumstances:

Some Examples:

There are many studies and conversations that suggest that there are some in the “Community” with a social disconnect that infect groups and organizations.

Gangs are an example of this. But it ( Gangs) aren’t exclusive to the community.

The way that they (Gangs) operate and the way that they delegate role, even having representation in religion and politics.

When we think of our “Community “ as a Body, an Organism we get a clearer view of the effects of the lies that we hear and repeat.

We also see ourselves as deserving of our plight or positioning in this life and that is true but not in the way that we view it.

-This moment and the life that you are experiencing isn’t a mistake…

It is a carefully planned,intricate design with you as its author and designated driver…

Arnold mrdadtate-

Without going to deep…the point that I am trying to make is that

We are all, because our thoughts which by the way is an action and our behavior put ourselves into a karmic vacuum.

A place where hate it or love “We, the human race” have created.

Scary Huh?


I hear ya, but I provided an escape clause for ya.

This is what I believe and as I allowed myself to understand this idea, It helps me understand myself and the world around me better.

It is a place where I can go to that helps me understanding what is and has been taking place in the “Community”.

I mean, It must be the answer or at least provide the foundation for a good question…

Back to the Story:

With all of the things that were going on, there must have been a small group of former slaves that want to focus on personal development.

Family, faith and education:

Family, church, and school became centers of black life after slavery. With slavery’s end, black women often preferred to be homemakers, though poverty pushed many back into the workforce.

Black churches became centerpieces of African American culture and community.

Not only as places of personal spiritual renewal and communal worship but also as centers for learning, socializing, and political organization. Black ministers were community leaders.African Americans’ desire for education found expression in the establishment of schools at every level, from grade schools for basic-education to the founding of the nation’s first black colleges such as Fisk University and Howard University. The Freedmen’s Bureau (1865-1870), a government agency established to aid former slaves, oversaw some 3,000 schools across the South, and ran hospitals and healthcare facilities for the freedmen.


Education being a powerful anecdote of the slave in their desire to acquire independence,worked, as they say (like a charm)

So how is it that the Sons and Daughters of slave now consider education as an afterthought. Was it that in an effort to gain independence that each group had a group within this group. but, no clear of leadership or direction.

Of course it was a consideration and it also was explored:

There was an important responsibility placed of the children of the civil rights movement and there are families that have held this responsibility as part of a rights of passage.

The Community has an incredible cancer that exists. it is very well known however the culprit has been mislabeled.


The story of 2 Americas isn’t totally outdated or incorrect. You see in the”Community “ we have languages and belief systems that in many ways are the polar opposite of what we adopt or except as our truth.

In my weekly post on social media called “Great Days a week (A Spin On The Phrase, Eight Days A Week) speaking to entrepreneurs and reminding them that there are no Off-daze or Weak- ins

Great Days a week: entrepreneurs don’t get off daze or weak ins…

You can change your clothes.

You can change your address.

You may even change your words.

But until you change your mind,

Nothing will ever change…

-Arnold mrdadtate-

I want the “Community” to face certain facts and at the same time except responsibility for their “Story”

What about the Children?

We have more than enough money on the books of our incarcerated non-student / children.

Having vigils and prayer meetings, countless court appearances and lawyers fees.

Imagine the “cllowery, foolery and embarrassing spectacle” of the celebration when our incarcerated Children returns home.

The “Community “ has very little outreach for college students, and when they come home for breaks or holidays they are often shot down in the street because

They changed, the Community however didn’t:

What happened?

They’ve lost touch or owe a debt, maybe, they were part of a gang and appeared to have abandoned it.

Sometimes it is a situation where they (The Student) witnessed something and the gang members are afraid that the students conscious may get the best of him.

There seems to be an interesting concept In The “Community” about College.

They are or think that they are better than us.

They (College Students) have abandoned us.

Although in many ways the “College Student” will feel a little safer and find new friends,their journey is in no way an attempt to abandon or forget about their Community.

It Just Happens:

There are also unfortunate and difficult instances where a student returns home college and reconnecting when old friends and whether he/she knows it or not.

She /He

Walks different

Talks different

Acts different

Eats different

Even the idea of understanding “Consequences “is clearer…

Woe, that’s a big deal:

Or deal breaker:

As I mentioned earlier this new attitude and behavior that the Student is exhibiting is unintentional, It is also hard for the “Community “ Embrace.

You hang with person or in situation long enough and it will change you.

The idea of a Higher Education is a necessity and should be the responsibility of every parent in the community.

The Higher Education must remind us of the clear and present dangers that exist if we or our children fail to understand what is expected of “All” members of the community.

The Victim / Slave story is a historical fact and exists in all cultures and all others have evolved (What’s Your Excuse?)

“The Man” is the least of your worries, your focus should be on the boy in your home the will grow up but may never become a man.

The Democratic Party is not your friend but neither are the Republicans. No matter what goes on in the world we must adapt and well as adopt a plan for the betterment of self.

Religion: the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions. Listen when it come to religion the Community Love to act as if they have an hold on the idea of Faith as well as the idea of God and Godliness. There is however a lot of people in this world that have the same idea about religion. Think about this,it has to be true in order to work and it has to work in order to be true. A philosophy that is based on a belief at some point has to produce a product and that product cannot be a belief. Do not abandon God but we must get a clear of what He (God) is and has said.

Finally, Get control of your mind ,media and motives.

Mind: Your mind is your most precious commodity and everything and one around us seeks to tap in and engage it. You mind controls your journey.

Media: Television,Cell Phone and Internet. This is where you get your daily programming as well as the Barber and Beauty shops.

Motives: —noun

something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certain thing, etc.; incentive.

the goal or object of a person’s actions: Her motive was revenge.

(in art, literature, and music) a motif.


a.) causing, or tending to cause, motion.

b.) pertaining to motion.

c.) prompting to action.

d.) constituting a motive or motives.

There are a lot of motivations and driving forces behind what occurs in the community.

Many of us have no clear idea why we are the way we are or behave and think that way we do.

This is part of the reason I began this blog “Black Lies Matter” to examine, explore and expose many of the Myth that exist in the community.

And as we begin to know, we begin to grow.

At least that is my wish

Mind,Media and Motive:

Our minds have been attacked,tapped and explored for years because we now know that it is possible to train the mind.

Now more than any other time in history our mind are being convinced (Tricked) to the idea of multitasking, and our television (Program) is nothing more than an “ Infomercial “ Designed to get you to buy something (Get it)

One thing is for certain if we the “Community” take time to read more and learn more.

I often say: if you don’t read you won’t lead and if you don’t learn you won’t earn.

Also, turn off the news.

Build, Make or Create something. We have allowed Gossip,New and Complacency to drown of thoughts, beliefs and imagination.

This is Higher Learning and this will take the community higher than they could imagine.

The days of shame,blame and same is over.

And the days “You Do You”… has a new definition

Self definition

Self awareness

Self discipline

Self respect

These are crucial :

As part of Higher Learning we will abandon the watered down,erosive and deceptive idea of what these words mean.

Self esteem

Self confidence

These word have invaded and paraded around our community as a way to build us and our children up. However it has done a lot of damage and we will replace them with Self respect and self discipline.

Self esteem has been defined as overly brash and bragging behavior that is more fitting of the stereotypes of the “Community “

Self confidence has been switched and misunderstood as self esteem.

At this point I will leave you my precious reader with a homework assignment (That Is if you do not already know what self discipline or self respect is) or just need a refresher.

I would like you to stay tuned for the next chapter of “Black Lies Matter “ -The End-

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