It’s not that you did anything wrong, in fact you haven’t.

It is not that you are a bad person.

In fact, you are in most cases more aware of the things that you do or even that you haven’t done yet.

Today we feel Omnipotent.

Dictionary.com said related to god and supremacy.

However the thesaurus had a lot more to say about it.

noun: supremacy






We have a discount version of Omnipresence.

Well we aren’t able to teleport yet and even then we would only be able to be one place at a time.


present everywhere at the same time: the omnipresent God.


We ain’t that. But we have the ability to see a bunch of places and even experience a virtual tour.

We believe that we are Omniscient:

Yep we are.


the quality or state of being omniscient.

infinite knowledge.

(initial capital letter) God.


There was another one that I wanted to add that is called Omnificent.

— adjective

creating all things; having unlimited powers of creation.

We are Omnificent and I will explain why later in this blog.

The power we have when we use our cell phones is hard to explain and without using words like dopamine (That for the psychology people) to suggest that we are stimulated by likes, comments and alerts I’ll merely say we are very powerful,or at least we feel that way.

As I am writing this blog I am at a local mall “People Watching “ and I have to say that I had all the research that I need.

Imagine what we may look like to our pets or animal or even “Extraterrestrials”…

These are some of the things that I have observed.

People bumping into each other and they both are angry but both of them could have gotten a citation for “Distracted Walking “

A group of four (Probably a family) and get this the children are looking where they were going,

The adults however were not, I observed them (The Adults) bumping into the children and blaming the children for obstructing their path.

Moments later this family stopped at the Malls food spot. As they sat they sat for maybe 10 minutes before ordering anything.

Mom and Dad with their Phones, the little girl had a tablet and the boy had some type of game.

What Tha Heck?

Just when I thought I’d seen it all a group of 5 young ladies and a group of 4 young men (Not Together) enter a sneaker store (You guessed it)

Phones in their faces.

Who could have imagined?

What is happening to us?

When did this take place and where will it take us?

Where have we placed our minds.

How are we going to end up?

Why isn’t it an addiction?

Wait? What?…

Are you actually addicted to your cellphone?


Here are some examples of their test.

Been accused of being “addicted” to your cell phone.

Been accused of treating your cell phone “like a fifth limb.”

Dropped your phone and felt like you were dropping a baby.

Watched someone else drop their phone and winced/cried out.

Argued with your parents about your cell phone use.

Left your phone face-down on the dinner table.

Left your phone face-up on the dinner table.

Tried to secretly check your phone under the table.

There are quite a few questions and there is one that asks if you are taking the test from your cell phone? http://www.buzzfeed.com

Earlier in this blog I talked about the idea of being “All Powerful” “All Knowing” or All Present, being everywhere at the same time.

This attributes or the idea or ability come as the result of cellphone use or abuse.


An interesting fact about the smartphone is that it is not smart at all and it relies on us for everything from purchasing it and charging it to programming it and we refer to it as a smartphone.

I have a question for you?

You knew this was coming…

If we refer to our cellphone as a “Smartphone”

How do we refer “Ourselves “ or each other.

Our “Cellular Device “ is totally dependent upon us and once it has been “Programmed” and “Set Up”

The “Set Up” is that we’re the ones that are programmed. #youare, #areyou…#weare


Cell phones demands (Commandments)

Look at me?

Attend to me?

Touch me?

No one and nothing is more important than me?

Our Children,Jobs or Friends are not more important than our “Alternate Distraction Device” (A.D.D)

What happened to our power,can we even remember our lives before cellphones.

We had a life of responsibility and family gatherings that consisted of talking to each other and then there was the occasional television and the radio for entertainment.

We had a phone and it had a purpose (To Make And Receive Phone Calls)

We had a calendar and we had a clock.

There were the weather and the nightly news.

And we can’t forget our alarm clock,a map or GPS and our computer.

Credit cards or sighing our own signature.

The “Jailphone” oops, I meant Cellphone has eliminated or should I say combined all of these things as well as dislodging our common sense and need for human contact.

And what’s with all of the derogatory terms like #jailphone and #alternatedistractiondevice or maybe #jailcell all of these names suggest being imprisoned,lock up separated from friends and family.

Some will say:

Can’t we just realize how advanced the idea of having a computer in your pocket is and embrace the futuristic implications.?

This is what some people say when I talk about children sometimes as young as 8 years old having a smartphone.

I realize that most teen and young adults treat their phone as an appendage.

Huh? What is that ,you say?




plural noun: appendages

(often with negative or pejorative connotations) a thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important.

“they treat Scotland as a mere appendage of England”

synonyms: addition, attachment, adjunct, addendum, appurtenance, accessory

“I am not just an appendage to the family”


We head out the door and will turn around and return home for our phones,but not our keys or lunch or even to kiss or children or partner.

We check in constantly, if we drop it we panic.

First thing in the morning and the last thing at night,even if someone else gets an alert we still check in.

We see someone with their phone we check to see if we have ours and then “Sneak A Peek”

Does the title of this blog still sound far fetched or out of bounds.

We are the “Slave” our phone is the “Master “

We are the “Sheep” and the phone is the “Shepard”

And yes we are the “Servants” because we have made our phone “God”

My Take:

First of all I’d like to say that phones for children isn’t a good idea.

I will go a step further and say that giving a child a cellphone is a bad idea.

15 year old should be the minimum age.

If adults have no power over this (A.D.D) #alternativedistractiondevice , putting it in the hands of a child will detract and block much of if not all of what we say to them as well as what their teacher would try to teach them.

As for us adults we must pay attention to the signs of misuse,abuse and addiction with our children that they may have learned from us.

We must be honest and get our control back,this means power off our phones,avoid charging our phone by our beds and create a rule when with friends and family at the dinner table and place a time limit on social media and web searches.

Final Thoughts:

Has our cellphones become a lifeline or a life sentence?

When we lost,misplaced or otherwise had to be without our phones how do we spent this time?

And we must realize this as a problem and save future generations from this potential mind stealing decision.

Take a look around you everywhere that you go and everyone that you know os distracted, not paying attention and losing hours and hours, days on top of days that they will ever recover.

How About:

Time yourself each day.

Turn it off,not down

Encourage your friends and family to shut it off.

Remember it is a tool and we should treat it like one.

I almost forgot: Omnificent, I promised to talk about it later in this blog.



creating all things; having unlimited powers of creation

This is the power that we forfeit when we surrender our mind to anything that may Addict us.

We are creators and we need our minds to be free and clear to do so.

This will not happen if we continue to allow or loan our minds to the augmented realities of a jailphone that will incarcerate our creative potential.

Imagine the old pinball games and imagine that the ball is your brain.

How could you concentrate? how would you create.

-The End-

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