Arnoldmrdadtate Quo-Tate-ions

Tate Of Emergency:

Our minds have the power to create a world that our eyes have yet to see.

Our minds have the ability experience all 5 senses and more.

Think about this.

With our mind can we can taste a pizza, see our mothers beautiful face,hear the bark of a dog or feel the texture of fine silk and smell coffee.

Our mind is created to create.

We waste too much mind space.

We block our mind ability to create the life we want through addictions like

Partying: the loud music, lights and people quiet the mind and silence the creator (You)

Drinking to much alcohol and drugs can help us forget our responsibilities ((Who you are)

Binge and Binging on social media and streaming services. (This will dull our perception of reality) (Augmented Reality)

Grief,Depression and Fear:

These (3) may be found in the other mind stealers above .

I believe that we need to mourn

properly. If it’s family,friend ,pet or relationships…

These (3) and their willingness to to support each other is hard to see however pay attention.

Get help,speak to someone.

Because our mind is so powerful, we have the power to create and recreate of idea of what is good and what is not good.

Try this:

Think good thoughts and do not allow negativity,even when it comes to those that have wronged you.

Reclaim your mind and experience once again the way we all felt as children.

Anything is possible.

Worry was nonexistent.

I can run so fast that I feel I can fly.

My imagination is my canvas


I can’t wait until I grow up… just kidding, I was just making sure you were paying attention.

Final thoughts:

If you rescue your mind, you will rescue your life and this will be your awakening.



No one will understand the steps we take.

They say, we are behaving strangely.

They say, we may seen antisocial.

We try to explain and no one is listening because we sound “Crazy”…

How dare we break the rules

Why can’t we be like everyone else

“Who do you think you are?”

Why do you




Greatness not only “Await”

Greatness Awakes…

Reclaim you mind.

The price is high and either way you’re going to pay…

Change or stay the same…

GreatDays a week: entrepreneurs don’t get off daze or weak ins…

You can change your clothes.

You can change your address.

You may even change your words.

But until you change your mind,

Nothing will ever change…

-Arnold mrdadtate-

Great days a week: The entrepreneur does not get dazed,off or weak ends…

When talking the talk, we must walk the walk .

We must understand the difference between positive speaking and “Parroting” “(Following the follower)

What’s the difference?

The difference is in what occurs after we speak.

Sometimes speaking will draw what we do not want, to prepare us for what we do want, and I’m sorry to say some of us can’t handle.

Test,Preparation,Practice,Work, Rejection and the word No.

So be mindful of your words,they will give you what you ask for but,there are always a requirement,delivery charge or need for proof of purchase…Arnoldmrdadtate

Once you realize how much work it is to be a warrior you will understand why there are so many slaves…

Edutate: When others tell you that you’re over and done.

“What Will You” Say and most importantly “What Will You Do?”

Actual post:

Repected is earn not given. Do to others as you would want them to do to you! Simple !

My actual response:

Let me teach you something that no one else will say or maybe they do not know. This is a story that is told over and over but, it is not true… respect is offered by the self respecting as a gift. The gift is a gift that is so powerful that it not only changes the one that receives the respect, but also all those that witness it…

Successful day:

Break some rules, not the law and not the bank Arnoldmrdadtate

Pay attention, pay close attention.

A.) It appears that they love you.

B.) It appeared that they wanted you.

C.) It was like they were all in.

The reality is that they needed you and when they no longer needed you they abandoned you…

Face it “You Were A Tool…

Disloyalty is born from ungratefulness (I know it’s not a word) but pay close attention.

When an individual is used to receiving (Things) they sometimes look at the giver as

A.) Someone that has plenty.

B.) Someone that believes that they are special.

And as a result, there is therefore no reason to say thank you or attempt to repay and feel indebted.



#EduTate: Opportunity does not knock. In fact,opportunity will never visit you unless you have a thought fortified with action that produces such a commotion that Opportunity is inevitable..

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