Black Lies Matter PT.10 “Acrimony”

As I write this piece I believe that it is fair to say that I am a fan of Tyler Perry the man, and I am also inspired by his motivational nuggets and life story.

I , if I am honest will also say that I always felt that his work was designed and directed towards Girls,Ladies and Womankind.

As a married man my wife and I occasionally would go to the movies as part of our date night and there were times that she would ask me to go with her to the latest Tyler release and I always respectfully decline

You see I had this idea about what his (Tyler Perry) movies would entail. that was until the movie Alex Cross,my wife is a big fan of the author of the Alex Cross novels James Patterson.

This was the perfect opportunity to give Mr. Perry another try.

I like murder mysteries.

It wouldn’t be religious.

And even though it was a Tyler Perry , it was based on a James Patterson novel.

This was the sell and as we saw this movie I had a chance to admire a great story and actually liked the performance of Mr. Perry.

I even told my wife that based on the collection of Patterson books that she had collected this genre could continue for years to come.

Well, it hasn’t happened yet. I also understand that as I began to embrace and like Mr. Perry’s art there are a lot of people that are not exactly accepting his deviation for the religious and Madea based movies that made him a household name.

As he began to explore and evolve many will come and some will go.

My wife has never missed anything that has Mr. Perry’s name on it and whenever there was a new release she has a dear friend (Neen) a nickname given for actual name Sharleen.

They’d go together and when my wife arrived back home she would attempt to tell me why and what I would have liked about the movie. I would of course explain the consistent theme of the movies.

Effeminate men playing men and husbands and a lot of strong women that are are smarter and more manly than the men.

Woman’s world script.

Religious practices that are confusing “Playing Church”

Minimized male and maximize woman.

There will be those that will say that my statement effeminate is gay bashing.

Not true.

We must take a little time to read and read only what is written because when we do this we will find understanding. Arnoldmrdadtate

My point is this .

The men appear to be very full of feelings and emotions.

The men are always looking like they need a hug or a tissue.

The men are not or do not appear to have any strength.

Now there will be women that will think that I am attacking women.

I will not entertain this .

We need merely to transpose the criticisms that I had for the males in these movies and realize that the woman is covered.

And this is a good thing because in the world we live in our women are having a tough time.

In one of my earlier Blogs “Hell hath no fury like a Black Woman scorned” I took the time to look at the effects of Black movies and television series on Black girls and women.

And that brings me to the movie “Acrimony “

This movie caught me by surprise.

Taraji P. Henson played her part in seldom seen role of a woman that had a family situation that is similar to what we have seen.

Sisters or Sustas biological or any number of ways that we connect in our community.

No spoiler alert:

I don’t want to share ,overshare or attempt to come to someone else’s conclusion.

I will however say this Tyler Perry is a genius and he addressed a seldom seen or if it is seen it may never be repeated cautionary tale of




Mental illness


-I mentioned earlier that I did not want to giveaway the plot nor did I want to tell anyone how they should interpret this movie.-

You see it was my idea to go see this movie on date night.

Yes, this shocked me too…

The previews for this movie were deceptive.

Yes, and that is part of the reason I asked my wife instead of her asking me.

As we entered the theater on a Tuesday at 2:pm I was shocked to see that the place was packed.

Not because of the movie but because of the time.

I mean, “Don’t you people have jobs?”

Yes I said that, out loud.

As we headed to the concessions my mouth began to water for some ppopcorn and this place has an amazing hotdog.

This particular theater has 5 dollar movies on Tuesdays and another thing that I like is the diverse crowd.

I’m just gon’ say it.

Tyler Perry movies are great and have a way of creating audience participation and when we get together in a group sometimes, not all the time but, sometimes portions of the movie be missed because

We talk to the screen,we talk to each other and we (we won’t admit it) talk to ourselves.

So the idea of having a diverse crowd is a win.

We got to our seats and I started right in on my popcorn (is it just me?)

Somehow having the popcorn first makes the hot dogs taste better.

It was dark in the theater and the previews had just begun.

I have to be honest. When said earlier ( about the crowd being diverse) it was based on my own knowledge of my community.

You see as the movie began there was a group of people behind us in the upper right corner in the rear.

Believe me when I say.


How did I know?

There are common themes that exist in our community and it relates to the Black man .

There is a expected and critical minimum expectation that when it is reached will garner a certain response.

There is a certain way the Black Women speak to and about the Black man.

This group (the ladies in the rear) hung on every, and they yelled uncontrollably.

They laughed and spoke among themselves.

I am ashamed of the fact that this group fit the stereotype.

Why is it that we (Africa’s Children) have a type of entertainment that lowers the bar, lowers our expectations.

We have a type of art that we imitate instead of the other way around.

But this was all at the beginning of the movie.

Only the beginning.

It was at this point that I asked myself “What was Tyler Perry going to do about the “ Cooky Lions” imageries “

You didn’t know this but.

I stopped watching the television series “Empire “ after the first season,it became predictable and seemed as if it was allowing the audience to write the script.

My wife has continued to watch it and occasionally I see Taraji do her stereotypical “Girl-rilla “ (angry black woman) performances

Or maybe I’ll read about it on social media.

“Cooky, Snapped “…

I believe that Mr. Perry did a good job separating his character from the “Empire “ character.

I will also say that many of the quiet moments in the film is the result of My Perry’s evolution as an artist,writer producer and director.

One more thing I had the occasion to see some ladies bashing the movie and that is an example of how much work that must be done as well as what happens when an artist get a reputation for certain kinds of art.

As for me I am a fan of this particular work and look forward to more as Mr.Perry continues to build his portfolio.

No spoiler alert

Acrimony is a good movie for the times that we are living and what was most beautiful about it is racially and gender neutral.

Congratulations Mr.Perry on a job well done.

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