-The Unbelievable,Irresponsible and Unethical Story of America’s Dad-

This story has gone on for way to long.

Even with all the “Fake News” and “Racial Bias” Talk aside this is an example of one of what appears to be a case of mental illness.

Well, at least this is what (Where) it looks like it’s going.

Hold on give me a chance to share why.

William Henry Cosby according to Wikipedia was born July 12,1937 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Accusations include:


Drug Facilitate sexual assault

Sexual Battery

Child Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct.

To the untrained eye (mine included) it may appear that a “Cosby” is a man of means and physique like a Greek god (Once Upon A Time) shouldn’t have any problem getting women.

However, beneath what may appear to be normal was a sad and pathetic man that didn’t want a to deal with the idea of rejection.

At least that is what I am thinking.

Soooo, aside all the antics and the media circus that is spinning out of control,there are many lives that have and will be affected by these crimes.

At the time I am writing this the second trial is over and Cosby has been found guilty on 3 counts.

It is also 10 years with each count.

I have been waiting to hear from a trained professional.

What do they have to say about his behavior.

It is even true that at one “Bill Cosby” admits giving a drug to women with the intention of having sex with them.

Some are telling the story of a 13 year old Cosby hearing of a drug ” Spanish Fly” that would enhance the ( woman’s) desire for sex as well as render her helpless to the man’s advances.

But why, why would he put himself (freedom ) in jeopardy?

And why would feel that he had the right to these woman’s bodies?

Maybe Cosby has something called “Somnnopholia”

Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D.

In Excess

Doze Were the Days

A brief look at somnophilia

Posted Feb 04, 2014

Some signs or symptoms that may point to somnophilia include recurring thoughts regarding unconscious or sleeping individuals and feeling sexual urges when in contact with or in the proximity of those people. While there is speculation about treatment (e.g., hypnosis, behavioural therapy, and 12-step programs), it is not needed unless the behavior becomes destructive, problematic, and/or involves sexually criminal activity and becomes a legal issue. http://www.psycologytoday.com

There is a lot that we do not know about Cosby and as we and others cherrypick the stories to get the best circulation there is much to consider.

It was and is impossible for many to Imagine.

I Spy,dude

The creator of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids?

Cliff ( Heathcliff Huxtable) Nooooo…

His actual Family:

His wife (Camille) had (6) children and though one of his children passed (His Son.Ennis) their only son they have (5) other children all daughters that will be left to pick up the pieces.

Imagine the irony.

The story of Ennis being murder hasn’t gotten the airtime of the sexual abuse Story.

And in many it could have created a distraction.

Bill Cosby’s Son Is Slain Along Freeway


Ennis William Cosby, the only son of Bill Cosby, was shot to death early today on a Los Angeles freeway ramp in what the police said might have been a robbery attempt as he changed a flat tire.

He was one of five children of the most popular television father of the 1980’s, a hugely popular entertainer and best-selling author whose rollicking comedic routines draw heavily on the frustrations of fatherhood.

Ennis Cosby, a graduate student at Columbia University, was in Los Angeles to visit friends. Another motorist discovered his body, police investigators said, next to his dark green Mercedes-Benz sports convertible on the side of the road, its emergency lights blinking and its tire-changing equipment out.


Bill Cosby is an accomplished individual.

His start in stand-up comedy began at the hungry i in San Francisco. He then landed a starring role in the 1960s television show I Spy, followed by his own sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show, which ran for two seasons from 1969 to 1971.

Using the Fat Albert character developed during his stand-up routines, Cosby created, produced, and hosted the animated comedy television series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, a show that ran from 1972 to 1985, centering on a group of young friends growing up in an urban area. Throughout the 1970s, Cosby starred in a number of films, and he occasionally returned to film later in his career. He attended Temple University in the 1960s and received his bachelor’s degree there in 1971. In 1973, he received a master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, and in 1976, he earned his Doctor of Education degree, also from UMass. His dissertation discussed the use of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as a teaching tool in elementary schools.

Beginning in the 1980s, Cosby produced and starred in a television sitcom, The Cosby Show, which aired from 1984 to 1992 and was rated as the number one show in America for five years, 1984 through 1989.[1] The sitcom highlighted the experiences and growth of an affluent African-American family. Cosby produced the Cosby Showspin-off sitcom A Different World, which aired from 1987 to 1993, starred in The Cosby Mysteries from 1994 to 1995, starred in the sitcom Cosby from 1996 to 2000; and hosted Kids Say the Darndest Things for two seasons, from 1998 to 2000.

Numerous sexual assault allegations, the earliest of which date back decades, have been made against Cosby; these allegations did not become highly publicized until 2014. More than 60 women have accused him of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. The statute of limitations has expired in nearly all accusations. On April 26, 2018, he was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. http://www.wikipedia.org

With all of these accomplishments we yet ask



I still believe without attempting in any to excuse or victim blame,

There is something “Mentally Wrong ”

Check out this young lady’s take from the victims point of view.

My Take on the Bill Cosby Allegations — A Psychological Perspective

By Katherine Lee, LCSW

As a therapist who has worked with sexual assault victims, I’d like to shed light on the recent controversy regarding women who are now coming out about allegedly being raped by Bill Cosby. This is an issue that has raised alarm for various reasons: How could such an icon, known for playing a fatherly role, have committed such atrocities? Why did it take so long for these women to speak up? And does the delay in disclosure (a matter of years for most of these victims), lend their stories less credibility?

— Why did his victims stay quiet for so long?

There are a number of reasons why one who has been the victim of sexual assault might not disclose it. Think for a moment about a child who is being molested. Children (both male and female) who are molested often don’t disclose until adulthood, if at all. Aside from being threatened by the perpetrator, they may also feel frightened that the disclosure will split apart their family, or that their secret won’t be believed or validated by a parent/caregiver. While those exact reasons may not match up with the women in question who claim to have been raped, the intent to hide the abuse is the same. Disclosure of abuse, particularly that of sexual abuse, risks feelings of shame and rejection. The possibility that a famous celebrity who seems to have a “squeaky clean image” would abuse women in such a way seems incomprehensible to many. If an individual is scared that she (he) may feel blamed, or exposed in a negative light for being abused—that fear must be all the more harrowing when it’s at the hands of a worldwide icon.

— Why do we blame the victims?

One of the most fascinating theories in social psychology is the “Just-World Hypothesis,” or the “Just-World Fallacy.” This theory is about the need to believe that one gets what one deserves. It’s a means of rationalizing away the anxiety that comes with the fact that inexplicably bad things can happen, at random, to any person. Bill Cosby has been known, for years, as an upstanding actor who plays the role of a wholesome father on television. This makes it even more difficult for us to understand his alleged actions. It just doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t fit with the construction we’ve made up in our minds about who he is. Our psychological mechanism is then to shift blame for this incomprehensible action, at the hands of someone we believe to be “good”, on to the victim. Just as a family member may shun a child for “seducing” the perpetrator or breaking up the family, we blame the victims in this case in order to protect our pre-conceived notions about who the abuser must be. In the case of Cosby’s alleged victims, we may ask ourselves about why the women waited so long to tell their story, or we may wonder if there’s some hidden agenda behind why they’re all coming out at once. Assigning blame to these women brings us away from the awful truth that what might have happened really happened, and without answer.

Victims themselves are also privy to the Just-World Hypothesis. If we believe that our perpetrator is caring, charming, or powerful, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that we are in the wrong–that the rape or the assault is our fault, somehow. I believe that the gradual way in which Cosby’s alleged victims have come out of the woodwork now may be a result of hearing the other women’s stories. These women feel more empowered to disclose, because the sense of personalization and wrongdoing in each respective assault is now decreased. While we’ll likely never know the truth behind the allegations, it’s important to understand, from a psychological perspective, why this controversy raises concerns, and may inform how we choose to look at the situation.

I didn’t and didn’t want to think about this entire trial.

I just wanted it to go away. But as a Father,Grandfather and youth advocate I feel it is my duty to at least say .

This trial taught me:

I am aware of how Sexual Predatory Behavior may look and at the same time I’m wondering how in a world of information, that abuse against women is yet under recognized and reported. Arnoldmrdadtate

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