“The Sensitive Naked Man (Woman)”

The Saturday Night Live skit “The Sensitive Naked Man” is for me, one of the most ingenious and memorable skits ever.

Rob Schneider was hilarious .

I became a fan instantly and think about his ability to keep a straight face but also to sell the idea that nothing was wrong.

I no longer have a Hulu account and that is where I would be able to find the reruns so I’ll probably have to head to Walmart to find the season that has these particular episodes and be satisfied.

Saturday Night Live for me had a difficult time maintaining steady laughs (For Me) and so when I would see the Rob Schneider preview I was certain that I would be in for a laugh.

I certainly was attempting to do a promotion’ to Saturday Night Live or even a Rob Schneider tribute.

What I was attempting to do was address a common occurrence in people all around the world.

A world that says “Do You” without a clear idea of what “ You Is” or should I say you are?

The idea that Correction, Etiquette, and Class do not matter or are irrelevant.

Or even the suggestion (Audacity) to a friend or family member that they shouldn’t eat,wear or do something because of the consequence.

A world where we’ve become so inclusive that we bar the idea of screening or monitoring our intake.

Not just talking about food.

I’m talking about information.

Criticism or Complement.

No, Not yet or Never

And all the lies that we tell ourselves based on the inclusivist ideology of

You’re Fine.

Don’t Change.

They Hatin’

Do You.

Only God Can Judge Me.

Inclusivist want a world where anything goes and there aren’t and cannot be any restrictions or rules.

There is another word for that.




The rules are ever changing.

And it is a matter of time before we self destruct.

The idea that it is someone else’s fault is not new.

In the old days we referred to it as “Blaming”

Imagine “The Sensitive Naked Man” walking around day after day and even though it is clear to everyone else that he has no clothes on and that “ “THIS IS A PROBLEM”

He sees the look of outrage, disdain and “What that?” On our faces and wants to know what the actual problem (It Can’t Be Him)

He doesn’t see it as a problem.

He insists that it is something else that is wrong with us.

Something deeper.

Even sinister.

There is another inclusivist tool that exists called social media.

Where people that actually have higher intelligent (Not Just Degrees) but people that “Think Before They Speak” type,comment or post.

And these people are placed in a pool where anyone is able to swim.

Or should we say “WEB”

This pool is filled with everyone else has a thought ( maybe we shouldn’t say thought)

IDEA… that’s it, idea.

Social Media provides

Equal ground.

Even Playing Field.

Same airspace and airtime.

And depending on how many people we get to

Agree with




We could become “ Somebody”

The internet has become a place where those that do not know meet those that half know and those that know and create a world that doesn’t want to know anything.

Something we want to support our friends and family in their quest to maintain a full life and all they hear is us calling them “FAT”

Criticizing them.

Or judging them.

As we take a look at a man that is clearly naked and is oblivious to that this is offensive and in poor taste.

Final thoughts:

We must consider the fact that if there are no rules or code of conduct, we will continue to have a communication gap.

And as we all enjoy the #excapation and #netventures that the internet provides we must draw a line in the sand to what we allow in our brain space. -Arnoldmrdadtate-

Also check out my blog “ Cell-phone” …

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