“Mind Changing Can Be Mind Blowing”

As I have learned and accepted my place in the world and some of the things that may occur as part of it or as a result of it, there is one thing that I’ve realized in time. “S#&t happens”

I have a saying: Be careful what you say ( Ask For)

not only will you get it, you will not recognize it because it the process (Adversity) it won’t in anyway resemble your request.-Arnoldmrdadtate-


What I am saying is that anything we say or believe has the ability to take place in our lives.

And there’s a lot.

And the time.

The process isn’t fun,kind or pretty.

We don’t “Recognize” or “Realize” because the process (Preparation ) is sometimes painful or uncomfortable.

There may be people very close to us that leave us or behave differently.

There may be any number of things that will take place that will look like at our first glance it is out to get us or defeat us

but, taking a closer look or should I say having a clearer account of the things that we say or allow to become our thoughts “things appear clearer”

Or do they ?

One example:

Idle talk is one thing that we tend to do when we are hanging with friends or family and may appear to be innocent but, we sometimes will say things like “I want more” or I deserve better “ there may become a unending amount of created or invited energy that we bring into our own lives these seemingly meaningless words.

Sometimes we brag or boast about who we are or make remarks about someone else’s path to greatness.

No matter what we do, if we do not get control of our thoughts, because our thoughts produce and encourage the words.

We feel that we need to and are told we need to watch what we say.

shhh…don’t say this or that?

If we do not control our words we will have a life filled with unexpected, unexplained and unimaginable situations.

And that’s putting it lightly.

As I write this blog our world is changing and the tax on the words say is at a all time high.

Whether on social media or in person, in the letters we write, our words will play over and over again. Oh and by the way the idea of trying to defend yourself is now considered “Shameful “

It also is considered an excuse or a lie and will only make you look worse.

“Guilty Until The Internet Absolves (Exonerates) You”

For most, this will be “Never” because as you will see in my blog “Revenge Of The Nerds” there are a bunch of people with there own set of problems that are not going to take their foot off of your neck no matter what.

So how do we get control of our words?

You may ask.

And what happens when I get angry? (I Can Still Get Angry Can’t I?)

I’m a consultant I am no expert and for the record there are no experts. Because we are always learning “What We Don’t Know”…

For me I’ve managed to embrace the idea of practicing making or creating perfection .



My way of gaining control.

I workout.

All day.


I call it a #wordkout .

These are a group of words that are reminders and guides to fine tune my response system.

60 second wordkout :

Smile,Smile,Smile… I say it over and over again. Smiles have “Supernatural Powers)

Pause: Pause is not stop and Stop is not pause. Everyday and in every situation pause. The pause will guarantee the best response .” Pausation” smile and then speak or respond. Say pause over and over again

Be kind. This is not possible to do without practice and is also very difficult to do because kindness is considered weakness some say. So I say these words over and over to remind myself of its importance.

Smile-Pause-Be Kind

3 exercises and I must say that when I first started doing these exercises it was tough and any day that I would miss I’d see the difference.

These ( what I refer to as exercises) may seem silly but give them a try.

The mind is an interesting and altogether different area to train.

Because it has so many levels of what it is, how it works and where it get its information.

Training the brain is not what I am doing for myself nor is it what I would encourage of others.

What I will say is that I realize certain things




And weaknesses that give me the idea that I’m stuck.

I know that I want more and I need more however I remain in a cycle of “Blah”

Blah is a feeling that I have no power to change the situation, or

who,what or all that I am where will I end up?

What I find myself doing to change this “Blah”

Is .

I eat something different ( Something I haven’t had in a while) or hadn’t ever eaten.

Take a trip ( It May be local) but it will disrupt my pattern and challenge the “Blah”

Play or listen to a different genre of music than I generally listen to.

There are any number of things that we can do to disrupt and reboot our minds.

Changing our minds should actually be a thing and it should also become a daily,weekly or monthly thing.

If at any time you have the time check out my YouTube channel “In my car with my cigar” Tell-A-Vision .This is an area where our minds are powerless to determine what is real from what is not.

Television, Radio, Social Media create produce mind pollutants.

But for now I will leave you with these words.

What if I told you that your life really is a journey and that everyone of your responses (Reactions) produces a “Go” or “No” algorithms and this is why it is taking so long for you to find yourself #eduTate

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