“Sorry for your Loss”

Dear city of Cleveland, state of Ohio we…( everyone that is not Cleveland) realize that this is a difficult “Season” ( pardon the pun) for you guys.

But isn’t the first time that you are dealing with this pain and what make it more painful is, it has happened before.

The first time was considered a betrayal.

Citizens began burning his ( LeBron’s) jerseys and even the sitting Mayor denounce him.

I made the statement that this single trade desimate their little town would seriously suffer and become Detroit MI overnight upon LeBron’s exit.

Fast forward to the return all is forgiven or was it, that is until recent developments.

We thought we had it in the bag. (The 🏆) like I said we thought.

Golden State is fricken amazing and as disappointed as we were, we had no reason to believe that we’d lose you… Uh, I mean him.

Soooo, it looks like you are going to be a “Fakers” sorry “Lakers”

We aren’t willing to say it yet but you are going to be a tremendous asset to this team and it is Hollywood and they are already screaming the ” Return Of Showtime”

I’m going to cry…

He will do fine and the whole N.B.A is going to crown them the team of the century.

But for now let’s just celebrate the latest sports ratings coup.

Yes pre-season, preseason during and postseason this will be the (ONLY) news.

And as for the city of Cleveland, they will as before be just fine.


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